Strange Laptop Problem...need help

I have a Toshiba Satellite L-675-06k (warranty now expired), which has been working perfectly up until recently. When I turn it on, the screen back light turns on, but there is no image. Sound works, and when I connect it to any external monitor (via RGB or HDMI) it works. Pushing around the hinge area doesn't help either. I'm pretty sure I dropped it (but only a few inches) - I just kind of let down my backpack with my laptop in it. I know this is why I have the screen issue because it was working at school just prior to when I 'dropped' it.
So, what could be the problem here? I'm hoping a video cable just got knocked loose, but I don't want to open it up without getting an idea of where the problem could be.
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  1. video cable between the screen and the machine could be cut or diconnect google to see how you could dismantle
  2. Meh I got it fixed, they ended up replacing the entire LCD panel. Turns out it was under warranty, so it didn't cost me anything :D :D :D
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