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How to properly clean my XPS m1710

I've had my XPS m1710 for the past 4 years, best investment I have made to this day. I sense that maybe my graphics card fan and others has some dust build up from all the traveling we have done. I was looking through the manual for replacing parts, but I couldn't pin point a section on removing the cover/shell (if that is even possible...).

Any pointers on how I should remove dust from my laptop innards? :heink:
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    easiest way without taking the thing apart is get a can of compressed air and blow out the air vents (with laptop turned off obv)

    if you're after a better procedure, you can probably youtube for xps m1710 disassembly video/guide/etc that way you'd be able to get more dust out, while you're at it you could also replace the thermal paste on CPU if needed (if you are confident you're up to the task though).
  2. thanks Ziggy. I appreciate that feedback, I never thought about replacing the thermal paste. Newbie alert :sol:
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