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Hi all!
I would really appreciate a correct and quick answer to a question I have.

I've bought a boxed P4 2.533ghz Intel processor and now when I'm about to install the heatsink on the CPU I notice a black label (smooth surface on a metallic material) fastened to the bottom of the heatsink. Should I remove this label, or is it some sort of thermal stuff that I really should NOT remove? Please only answer me if you are 100% sure what to do, because I dont feel like loosing like 300 dollars because I did the wrong thing :o).

Thank you VERY much for your help, the Intel instructions doesn't mention a thing about removing it or not, too bad.

Best regards

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  1. That black thing is the thermal pad. It melts later and fills in the microscopic valleys. Keep it unless you wanna use some other thermal paste.

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  2. Remove the protecting plastic or paper film from the thermal compound but do not remove the thermal pad underneath the protective film, then install the heatsink per instructions. Ryan

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  3. Hi!
    Thank you for your answer. Hmm..there was no protective plastic or paper, its just a metallic like sticker with smooth black stuff on (feels like a soft rubber or something). I've tried to look under the sticker (its no problem because its only fastened at two ends) and under it there does not seem to be any cooling liquid. I'm really unsure what to do, it feels like I should let it be where it is and just attach it to the processor, but I dunno. If I do the wrong thing the processor will take damage.

    Any more suggestions would be appreciated

    Thank you once again

  4. To install the heatsink, you need to engage each corner of the fan assembly with the bracket on the board. Press on each corner until it snaps down and all four are attatched to the base and the heatsink is flat against the cpu. Then lock it down by closing the 2 levers. Use the black pad as is; no need to do anything to it.
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