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i just installed a new hard drive for my sony vaio. i have the backup disks ready but i dont know how to begin. i turn on the comp and i see Vaio logo then operating system not found msg. what do i do to begin the recovery process?
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  1. When you start your laptop there should be a little note saying hit <del> to enter setup (or possibly F1, or F2). Doing so will get you into the BIOS settings. You then need to change the boot device priority and put the DVD drive first in the list. Save and exit and it should boot to your windows CD. Once you have windows installed go back into the bios and put the HDD back as #1 boot device.
  2. what is the dvd drive called? is it the internal drive? it doesnt specify dvd
  3. not sure, it could be. The HDD should be #1 by default, so you could always just move that to the bottom of the list and the DVD drive will be before it. I'm sure you only have like 3-4 choices, so it doesn't hurt to just try one.
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