Microphone not working

My mic stoped working after I updated from XP to Windows 7...any ideas?
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  1. Does it show up in control panel-sound. Is it enabled as the default device for recording? Has it been muted with a tick in the checkbox? Are your device drivers up to date?
  2. In the control panel under
    "Hardware and Sound", then
    "Manage Audio Device", then
    "Recording" tab says:

    High Defenition Audio Device
    Not Plugged In....but the mic is plugged in and I connected another one, brand new just to check.
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    Try to reinstall or update your drivers in device manager. Do you get any sound through you speakers?
  4. Sorry mibix19, I was out for diner...

    yes, the speakers are working fine.......
  5. are you using the front jacks or the rear ones, go to Control Panel, Sound, select mic and then go to properties, see which jack is enabled for this device
  6. Problem fixed...updated my sound drivers...or should I say downgraded
    to the drivers that came from Dell when I bought my PC (XP OS).
    Thanks for your help.
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  8. Thanks for giving me best answer. Glad your up and running again
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