Running a 2.40B 533MHz on a 400MHz mobo??

hey guys. just bought a desknote system. i believe they only run p4 processors with the 400MHz bus. however, was dumb and sent me the wron proc, they sent me the 2.40B 533MHz. question is, can i still run this? i don't want to open the packaging until i am sure. and screw sending it back if i don't have to, what a pain in the a$$.....rrrrrrr...
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  1. You should be able to run it but it will only run at 1.8Ghz since the processor's multiplyer is locked. Here's how it works.

    133x18 = 2394 ~ 2.4Ghz
    100x18 = 1800 = 1.8Ghz

    You see @ 100Mhz FSB the processor will only run at 1.8 Ghz.


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  2. look at the can probably try and "overclock" your 2.4b to...well...2.4...that is if the motherboard supports overclocking...

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