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soyo kt400 dragon ultra + amd 2200 = HELP!

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October 1, 2002 10:11:05 PM

So i got all my components together for my new system, and started putting it all together last night. Unfortunately, it gets to "Verify DMI pool data..." and hangs.

The manual says to:
1. clear cmos
2. remove addon cards to see which causes
3. Change the CPU

Well, I've tried 1 and 2, and I don't yet have the ability to pull additional 2200+ precessors out of the air, so I'm hoping that someone might be able to help.

I've left the default settings in the bois for the multiplier, etc.

I set the memmory to 200mhz, but have tried scaling back to 133.

I'm wanting to try setting the bus/chip speeds manually, but haven't been able to find a good refernce for bus and multiplier speeds.

The memory is one stick of XtremeDDR PC-3200, which is supposed to be able to go to 200mhz.

I have disabled the onboard lan, sound, etc.

Could it be a memory compatibility problem?

What setting should I use?


Lost and confused with a shiny, $1000 hunk of parts, sucks.
October 1, 2002 10:42:07 PM

Could be a jumper on a hard disk, or a psu problem.

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October 2, 2002 1:57:50 AM

I saw a review of that ram and it was the problem in the mobo they tested it in too. it took them 3 sticks of ram b4 they could start the testing, and they could barely overclock it to 200Mhz. The rival Corsair in the article had no issues whatsoever.. you should return it and get the Corsair. Its what I plus many others use and have had no problems with it.
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October 2, 2002 3:05:57 AM

Well, only one hard drive connected right now, and it's set to "master". The PSU is brand new, an Enermax 431W Whisper Series. Could be bad, but I doubt it.

I'm just trying to boot to a floppy at this point.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.
October 2, 2002 3:15:53 AM

Hmm, definately food for thought. I paid ~$190 for the XtremeDDR, has the corsair @ $273.00, but it is CAS 2 vs 2.5 so might be worth it. I'm willing to step down a bit even, what should I go with? Mabye DDR PC-3000 370MHz CAS2 @ $193.00? DDR PC-2700 333MHz CAS2 @ $183.00? I'm not sure what I'm really getting for each performance wise, or what will work best with my mobo.

Do you have the link to the article you mentioned?

What should I set my current memory to just to boot? 133, 100?

What are the standard settings for the AMD 2200+(bus/multiplier), I'm wondering if manually seting it would help? As I said, I haven't been able to find a good reference for it. Also, proper voltage?

Thanks for the help, guys.
October 3, 2002 3:11:55 AM

heres the link. they talk about it on the bottom of the first page I believe. I got my PC3200 Cas 2 Corsair for $183.50 shipped from Well worth it in my opinion. Oh and memman is WAAAAAY overpriced looks like too.
And the ram I bought is now $178.50 shipped 2 day fedex. Supply and demand! DAMNIT!!
Memman is $273 plus shipping.
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