Buy or wait: The new macbook pro

Hi there,

so the new macbook pro is out! Pretty neat update, and the price stays the same. A bit overpriced as always though!

I've been wanting to get myself a new laptop for a while, but there's mainly 1 thing that makes me wait right now.

I've heard quite a few times now, that the next release will be around early summer 2012, and that it'll be a complete remake, with ivy bridge and probably the optical drive removed for added space or extra sweetness. Is that worth waiting for?

Secondly, if through your feedback and my own contemplation I decide to buy now, what's your thoughts on the anti-glare screen? I'm personally all for it, though having never tried it, I'm not quite sure.

Lastly, is it recommendable buying your own SSD and some extra ram and put them in the macbook yourself, seeing as it's rather easy? I understand that TRIM only works with the apple store SSD.

Thanks in advance,

Morten :)
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  1. is it worth waiting for ivy bridge? probably yes, if you need the computing power that ivy bridge will offer, question is, do you? Is it worth waiting for them to eliminate the optical drive? if you don't ever use disk media, sure it's a good option, but chances are you'll want to watch a DVD or blue ray sometime on that laptop? so, will you be ok with getting an external optical drive?

    Anti-glare, makes the screen a little duller, not as bright as glossy, but you get the glare resistance. If you use your laptop outside a lot, then it could be a good choice. If you stay indoors most of the time, I'm sure you can deal with occasional glare from the window. Best choice to check it out since you never had the pleasure, head over to your closest computer store and check out the matte screen. The one apple comes with won't be much different.
  2. My main PC's screen is matté, as is most stationary computer's screen, I reckon. Why would the preferred choice be any different on a laptop? I don't quite understand that.

    You do make a good point in the beginning of your it necessary for me? I'll be using it for school and Diablo 3 and of course general entertainment. I didn't realise it could playback blu-rays.. :o
  3. Ivybridge seems to be easier on power and probably heat, if I were buying a laptop, I'd probably wait. extra batterylife and all
  4. your buying a macbook to play diablo 3, school and blueray. Why are you not getting a windows laptop then? Apple products are made for graphic designers and music enthusiasts, they are not good for general purpose use.
  5. well I wouldn't say they aren't good for general purpose use, it's just that there are better bang-for-the-buck options out there for general purposes.
  6. I don't care much about bang for buck. Well I do to some extent, but I'm in the fortunate possitioning of getting this as a birthday present from my daddyo.

    I think the macbook pro looks really good, has pretty good specs, runs cool and quiet (I think), and is sturdy.

    I have tried finding cool windows laptops alternatives, but it's not easy. I always have this feeling that they run noisy and hot, while the mac somehow magically doesn't. Am I misinformed here?
  7. 1 solid piece of aluminum > plastic when it comes to cooling. not sure of windows laptops that have a solid aluminum body. Also helps for durability.
  8. I actually think the new Samsung 7 Series laptops looks good.

    This looks like it'll be their top dog of that line, which is what I'll be getting in that case.

    Will that GPU be able of handling D3 you reckon? Not that D3 is the primary use of the laptop, but occasionally when a friend is over for some LAN and cozy time, it will be!
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