Laptop cooler - usb 3.0?

Hi guys, i was wondering :

Since USB 3.0 can provide considerably more power than usb 2.0, is there a chance we will see in the near future laptop coolers that will do something more than move less air than a mice fart? (considering USB powered that is).

I have been checking at the "theory", and it seems that with an USB 2.0 i could use 2-3 fans on 5V (120mm fans) and on a usb 3.0 up to 7 5V fans (120mm fans).

So im wondering: If i can get 2 120mm fans and with a 5v to 12v conversor run them full speed and make a custom laptop cooler, why arent companies doing so?

Or is it impossible to actually do something like this?
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  1. companies aren't doing that because a laptop cooler with 2+x120mm fans is retarded, might as well put a blow horn under your laptop

    oh and one more thing, if you need that much flow on a laptop cooler there's something seriously wrong with your laptop and you should look into other ways of fixing the cooling issue rather than blowing air at the bottom of the case.
  2. harsh man, but accurate
  3. Cooling also depends on the laptop's chassis design.

    For example, I have Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 and I bought a CoolerMaster cooler with two moveable 120mm fans. Based on reviews the cooler I bought has been able to cool laptops from 3C to as much as 6c. At least that's what the reviews claim.

    I positioned the fans directly under the vents in my laptop and there was no change in temps. Absolutely none. Therefore, there must be something inside the chassis that is blocking or severely limiting the airflow from the cooler's fans to cool down the Y470.
  4. i bought a 3fan cooler off ebay £8 my laptop is usb2.0. specification of cooler are as follows

    SPEED 3000RPM
    NOISE 21dBA
    POWER 1.3W
    CURRENT 2.26A

    Works fine for me

    was a notebook cooler pad DX-O2, most of the other writing is in chinese
  5. ^ facepalm, exactly what I was talking about.

    FYI 50 cfm is enough to ventilate a small room...
  6. The problem is the enclosed envoiroment between the laptop and the laptop stand.
    I have tested about 7 diffrent models and only one actually improved the temperatures (some in fact made things worse).

    You might be saying that its "stupid" or "useless" or whatever, but the fact is, if i spend 1100 Euro on a gaming laptop i want it to last a bit (warrany is cool and all that, but its still a pain in the ass if you travel often as i do).

    I dont actually need to always use a cooling pad/stand, but if you live in spain, there the maximum temperature you get in summer is over 45º C, you want to have some sort of countermeasure to heat.
  7. that's what air conditioning is for, not laptop coolers... if your ambient is 30+C no matter how many fans you throw at it you're still getting reduced cooling because you're not in the conditions the system was designed for.

    enclosed space between laptop and laptop stand... sorry but I think you used the wrong word here, I would love to know how the space between laptop and cooler becomes "enclosed"
  8. I dont understand, i am asking about something hardware related and you are answering me something opinion related.
    You say that id better have a blow horn or air conditioning.
    Now lets assume for a moment i dont have any of those, or simply i am not interested of traveling with those on my back.

    Its great to see you have strong opinions about how useless this would be, but if you dont mind, id like to know if its possible to do so anyway.
  9. Ok, I'll try to explain in simpler terms: a laptop cooler with 5 fans will not solve the cooling problem when your ambient temp is 45C.
  10. ^+1

    Living in Australia with the same problem. No solution for it apart from using the air conditioner. The air gets to the cpu/gpu is just as hot will not remove excessive heat. Simple physic/thermal dynamic.
  11. At 32ºC however (in poland summer) win no air conditioning it solved my overheating problem a thermaltake massive lx on a MSI GX623. So if possible to get something with a little bit more juice (3 schythe gentle typhoon would move some air), might give me some headroom. But nevermind, i guess ill just try to find out diffrently.
  12. True, continual airflow of room temp wont bring down temps lower then said temperature however i think what hes saying is his laptop has poor airflow so he wants to get a cooler to make sure thats not a problem by forcing fresh air into said laptop.
  13. you seem to not understand that adding more fans and increasing airflow only creates wind chill effect, it does not effectively bring down the air temperature.

    when a person stands in front of a fan they feel cooler because water evaporates from their skin faster thus cooling your body, so you feel cold. The air itself doesn't get colder because of the fan.

    Unfortunately, inanimate objects like laptops and heat sinks inside do not have the ability to sweat, thus wind chill only contributes to convection cooling where basically you have more air molecules hitting the cooled surface. The volume of air moved doesn't matter in this case, because it all depends on speed of the air being moved, so adding more fans that spin at the same speed gives no advantage. And no matter how fast you can get the air to move through the cooling vents, it won't be able to cool an inanimate object below the ambient temperature. (this is the reason why a thermometer shows a correct temperature on a windy day even though when a person walks outside they would feel colder)
  14. Let me get this right: If i get a cooler with more airflow (especially on the bottom vents of my laptop), i will not see a temperature drop in my components?

    Oh and btw, if i get ambient temps in my cpu/gpu on full load i would be quite happy with that.
  15. To be getting ambient temps you would have to be dissipating 100 percent of the heat put out by the components. It's not gonna happen.

    the other posters are right, blasting more air is not going to make a difference.
  16. The thing is i tested this already and it does make a diffrence, but instead of a DC i wanted it to be USb powered.
  17. at best you can shave of a few degrees while consuming four times as much electricity. a small fan will help yes, but blasting a tonne of air is going to have a negligible effect.
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