Not sure what the maximum RAM is for my Samsung RV510.

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone can help me with this. I got one of these laptops close to a year ago (but off Dabs). I do ASP.NET development which really isn't CPU intensive, but it only has 3GB of RAM, which can fill up pretty quickly. I've found conflicting sources on whether it supports 4GB RAM or 8GB of RAM (2x4GB sticks).

The Samsung website is absolute rubbish. It gives no proper technical details under the technical specification bit (like what version of SATA it supports!) and this isn't even the exact A09-UK model of laptop that I have, they haven't even bothered to make a page for that.
It says
System Memory 4GB (DDR3 / 2GB x 2)
Memory Slot 2 x SODIMM (Up to 4GB)
So i'm not sure if that is up to 4GB per slot or in total

While searching on the internet I found this
a WHOIS on shows it as part of this shows a table and the row for RV510 has 8GB as the maximum. (although I can't find a way to get to this page from the samsung site)

on the online shops, theres about an equal amount that say 4GB as say 8GB max. for example; Scan & British Home Stores say 8GB, Dabs & aria say 4GB. some of these aren't exactly the same (they have slightly faster CPU), but
CPU-Z lists the mobo as "Samsung RV410/RV510/S3510/E3510"so I presume it's the same mobo for all of these laptops and then the same maximum RAM.

Just wondering whether it was not normal for a laptop to support 4GB sticks (I have 8GB on my home PC but it has 4 RAM slots).

If anyone can help me with this that would be brilliant.

Dan Gent
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  1. The new DDR3 SODIMMs are available 4GB and 8 GB modules. My work HP8460P can hold up to 16 GB with 2 8GB SODIMMs.
  2. this is a two slot system for memory the first one is 1 gig and the second 2 gig,and they also mark that you could go to a max of 8 gig,but if oyu want to upgade memory hate the machine test on memory maker web link they give you witch to put in,your drive is a HM321HI
  3. You should only upgrade your memory if you have a 64bit OS, if you have a 32 bit version of Windows, you will be only be able to use about 3.2 GBs. Your Samsung supports up to 8 GB, you will have to remove and replace the old SODIMMs.
  4. @howard - yes i'm running a 64 bit OS. in any computer can you always put in the biggest stick of RAM that that particular architecture (e.g. DDR3) supports? or does the information on the Samsung website tell you it supports 8GB? its not like 8GB is even a ridiculous amount of money nowadays, I just don't want to buy it and it not work. but I may be asking a ridiculous question if any DDR3 two slot latop can support 8GB ;^)

    @scout_03 - i'm not sure what you mean about the memory maker web link machine test?
  5. As per your laptop's chipset information (Intel® GL40 + ICH9M)
    the maximum RAM supported by your motherboard is 4GB.

    So I guess you cant add more.
  6. cheers perfectblue. i guess that (unhappily) is the answer i've been looking for!
    in hindsight i would never have bought the laptop with such a ridiculous limit but at the time i didnt even think of 8GB :^(
  7. every memory maker have on ther web site a auto detect link look at corsair link
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