Sony vaio fs315e running slow


up until very recently my vaio was running really fast, programs opening quickly. I cannot haven't installed any dubious software as am really careful and only install stuff from trusted sites.

Celeron M processor
160GB HDD with 100GB used
using 2 monitors as extended desktop
8 USB devices, they don't all run at the same time, just leads for various devices for copying files etc
wireless mouse
all i use the laptop for is internet and copying files
everything is getting slower and slower

have cleaned registry using ccleaner

dont know how to proceed

many thanks
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  1. malware bytes would be a good measure, how about anti-virus? do you have something running? when was last time you've done a full scan?

    also check out your processes, things like browser plug-ins and malware like to run things in background taking up the resources.

    if you're not sure if the process is good or bad refer to windows defender or hijackthis website

    check the health of your HDD, chances are you might need a defrag or scan disk

    check your admin logs in control panel for any issues

    check your running temperatures, if CPU is running hot it might be cutting back on performance

    you didn't mention what OS you're running.

    chances are, that laptop is not very new, as things get older even OS'es get clunkier with regular updates and things that might have moved faster before take a little longer.

    if it's not too much trouble for you, I'd try a clean reinstall.

    ask if you have trouble with anything I've mentioned.
  2. Note: there might be your are under "low performance" mode, switch it to "high performance" and it might help resolve the issue easily.

    If this is not the cause, then it can be caused by many reasons such as outdated hardware, overload startup programs, corrupt registry issues, too many junks, virus attack, poor security software taking too much system resources, remnants of uninstalled applications etc. The fact is, you should keep some system maintenance job regularly. See this site sony vaio slow for more fix info.

    Meanwhile, upgrading hardware configuration such as add RAM, change a new video card, larger-volume HDD etc can be a fast yet effective way to improve your pc performance. But that won't be the most economical.
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