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1761 (MSI) and Sager

I ordered a 1761 (I believed modeled after an MSI) from Xoticpc and was very disappointed with its apparent durability. I would be interested in getting a Sager thru them if the durability of that machine is a ton better. Namely, I notice durability of disk drive and how thick the plastic is around it. Unfortunately, I can't handle one before purchase. My Dell was durable. Thanks.
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  1. Hello, could you please elaborate what you mean by durability of HDD? It has nothing to do with what company put toghether the laptop (MSI/Sager/etc) it has to do with which company manufactured the HDD (WD/Seagate/etc). Unless you meant something else, in which case, do explain.

    How thick is the plastic around the HDD? none, the casing is metallic...

    I'm not sure what you mean by apparent durability either, so hard to say if you'd consider a sager more "durable" since I'm not sure of your criteria for justification.
  2. Maybe it's called the DVD drive...? Whatever unit reads the CDs. I'm not talking about anything inside the computer as I will most likely never open it up myself.
  3. How do you say that the MSI 1761 is not durable? I have the exact same model, but not a barebone but an original MSI GT780DXR. Its a pretty solid case.

    If you need perfect durability, you should have got a business workstation. SAGER will do also, NP7280 model perhaps.
  4. ok, so even dvd drive, I'm not sure what you mean by how thick the plastic is around it? the thickness of the tiny plastic lid that sits at the end of the tray installed to make it flush with laptop's surface for aesthetics? well, I could check exactly once I get home, but those are not too thick 3-5mm maybe, since they aren't meant to provide any structural support in the chassis.

    as perfectblue says, I'm surprised to see you find MSI case to be not durable. The gaming series laptops like MSI, Asus and Sager I've found all of them to be one of the sturdiest constructions.

    best advice I can give, try to watch some videos on xoticpc website, they have them for every laptop they sell, perhaps that will give you a better idea of durability. Or try to find somewhere in your neighborhood a store that carries Clevo cases
  5. Thanks. Its really just the dvd drive. it is flimsy compared to my old dell. i would just like to know if the sager drive is more solid than the msi. i will be using the drive quite often.

    2nd question: Any thoughts on ASUS vs. Sager for how cool they run. (I'm looking at ordering another computer thru xoticpc after returning the msi 1761) At this point it looks like my only other competitor is the Dell XPS 17

    17", GTX level GPU, i7 level chip, matte screen, 4GB +, 500GB +, 7200rpm, x1080
  6. no. dell is out 555M is the highest. can get a lot better for about the same price. i really want to go Sager if the dvd drive is solid and it doesn't run too hot (damage. i don't care about any discomfort)
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    as far as I know xps 17 uses 1 fan set up, both asus and sager use dual fan set up for pulling the air through

    as far as dvd drive goes, not really sure, you can call up or email xotic to find out what exact make/model are the dvd-roms perhaps using that you'll find which ones are sturdier.

    Here's reviews for sagers:


    in general I don't think there will be much difference between asus and sager on temperatures if the hardware is the same

    as far as dvd goes, I think the difference is that asus has only the tray that comes out for the dvd while the lens and reading assembly is all inside the case, while sager has the whole reading assembly come out of the case on small rails. Maybe that's what you were referring to? 3rd version of cdrom on a laptop is similar to what macs have - just a slit on the side you push the dvd in, it eats it, there's nothing to be opened.
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