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Laptop freezing

Hi guys, I own the Asus G73JH ( and up until now it was working perfectly. As of it today it has started freezing randomly and quite often, about 4-5 times in the last 3 hours, and I was hoping someone could lead me in directions to solving and trouble shooting my laptop. The first time it froze was during a game of LoL, this one was the most unique because the screen actually turned completely white with the sound hanging. Then in the following hours it would freeze without when it pleased. I was checking my email, watching a video and one time I went away for 15 minutes and came back to it frozen on the desktop. If someone could point me in some directions or to some programs I could use to try and solve my issues I'd greatly appreciate the help. Thanks :)
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  1. These are the signs of a heat and/or power problem, and most likely an issue with either the CPU or the GPU (and their heatsink/fans). Try blowing out the intake and exhaust vents with compressed air. Also, try to determine if the fans are actually working (spinning). How are your temps when the system is running?
  2. That doesn't sound good, my first Asus laptop would over heat too and now this one :(. I'll pick up a can of air tomorrow but as for the temps, how would I check those?
  3. Try HWMonitor (it is free). Go here to download and install:
  4. Ok, thanks, I'll do that and come back with some numbers.
  5. Ok, I installed the CPUID monitor. I got the these numbers:
    THRM(I don't know what this is, if maybe you could tell me :3): 107-114F
    Cpu core 0: 109-120F
    Cpu core 1: 107-123F
    Cpu core 2: 107-120F
    Cpu Core 3: 107-116F
    Assembly : 95-96F
    Air Flow - 95-96F
    TMPIN0: 134F
    I hope these aren't bad :s and the computer is just sitting there not doing anything
  6. Temps aren't horrible for a laptop. How are the GPU (video card) temps?
  7. The GPU, ATI HD 580, is at 132 resting.
  8. Leave HWMonitor running in the background and play a video or game to load the system and then see what the temps get up to.
  9. Ok, I played and took measurements of the temperature of both CPU and GPU over a 20 minute period of time. I took that at random when I had a chance to. First number is CPU and second is GPU.
    Started at 127/130 in F.
  10. That temperature is actually very cool for laptop under load.
  11. Pyree said:
    That temperature is actually very cool for laptop under load.

    Agreed, not too bad. Sounds like we have narrowed out heat, now we are at power. With laptops, this is much harder to determine than with desktops. Is this system under warranty?
  12. Did you try using a different version of the graphics driver?
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    I also have the Asus G73JH.

    First off, it's a good laptop. But I had to take it apart because it was overheating. And let me tell you this - don't ever take this laptop apart. It's a freakin nightmare!

    I was able to put it back together - but was not able to fix the overheating problem (although turning off TURBO in the BIOS did help). It has kind of terrible cooling system inside this laptop ( I believe the CPU is cooled by...the keyboard, which is totally messed up in my opinion).

    I have read reports of a bad GPU (5870) of which some people got (screen going white, gpu showing pixelation on some games).

    Also I noticed my laptop overheats if I don't have it in a properly ventiliated area (which cause it to shut down). I also have the underneath part very well ventilated (propped up with a some wooden stands).

    Is your TURBO turned off in the BIOS? I had to turn mine off as my laptop gets way too hot if I have it on.

    There is also a GSOD issue with some laptops. You may want to take a look here:

    Maybe try updating your VBIOS.
  14. Thanks for all the help guys and the laptop is under warranty still. I had the mother board die on me early September and had to send it to Asus for repair.
    What can I do to check if my power supply is bad?
    I also updated my graphics driver yesterday before I started posting on here, driver cleaner ect ect.
    And that video of taking apart of this thing, I'd cry D:
  15. Also, how would I go about updating my VBIOS? I'm kind of bad at computers
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