pent4-2a please help

i have a p4-2a with aVIA p4x-266 mother board,512 ddr mem,40gig western dig drive and cdr. i can not get this system to run. i'm installing win98se. there is a lot of dll. problems. i can install windows alone let the system set for 24hrs and have registry problems the next boot.i'm not overclocking or anything like that just trying to find a stable combination. i have also tried a intel d845ebg2 mother board to no prevail. i have swopped mem also. please help.

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  1. I also had problems with 98se on this board. I suggest you upgrade to windows 2k, available at 9software for $75-80. You may also have a bad cd. Even the smallest scratches will cause corruption in files.
  2. i have tried win 2000 and the problem still persist. the win 98 cd load fine on a another system. these errors are all the time at 0167.xxxxx in memory is this the cache of the processor?
  3. VIA has always had issues with 9x. People blamed 9x, but for some reason, Intel didn't have these problems.

    The P4X400 is a piece of [-peep-]. SiS chipsets are both better performing and more stable, allong with superior compatability and cheaper price.

    People might suggest getting a new OS. Well, a new motherboard is often cheaper. Too bad VIA already got your money, supporting VIA is like supporting a terrorist organization IMO.

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