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Has anyone had this issue? With my DVI cable, my monitor goes blank after Windows loads, I know its working b/c I can see everything up to that point, but once W7 loads screen goes blank. however this doesn't happen with VGA cable. However, I really don't want to use VGA b/c the cable I have is crap and I get mad ghosting. Is there any fix for this? I have a acer p224w monitor, gfx is 9800GT so I only have DVI outlets I am using a converter for the VGA.
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  1. Quote:
    but once W7 loads screen goes blank.

    Try a different monitor with the DVI output from the 9800GT to confirm the problem stems from the Acer monitor. Also, try plugging both the DVI and the VGA connectors into the monitor from the video card at the same time. The monitor worked with the DVI connector on another operating system other than Windows 7? The proper Windows 7 video card driver must be installed, if that is the case.

    Latest 9800GT Windows 7 driver available here.
  2. sounds to me like the VGA is still named as the primary monitor and it's automatically switching its display to that port. My guess is go with what badge said and connect both vga and dvi, and then select DVI as your default, then shutdown, remove the vga and then restart.
  3. Hello M0rnir,

    Have you updated to the latest drivers?


    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  4. Why not use a DVI - DVI cable instead of using an adapter? The adapter could be the problem momentarily causing the monitor to lose the signal.
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