"Anti-Piracy" chip a blessing for Linux?

Anyone else actually excited about this in a good way like I am? If this thing makes it to the market, maybe Linux will make a attempt at branching out into a much larger mass market ;)

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  1. The word anti-piracy have never been use by intel only fan and website

    Now what to do??
  2. Hence the quotes.... I know it's not called that but anyone capable of putting 2 and 2 together can figure out what it's for ;)
  3. if ms keeps this crap up with their os' that activation crap is just lunacy, i refuse to support it.

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  4. Sorry, but DRM isn't going to help Linux any. People who use M$ over Linux do so primarily because they're too stupid to use a computer that might actually require knowledge of computers to use.

    Most computer users want an install that works perfectly on the first try. They want a package where flexability has been limited so that they don't have to 'configure' or 'think' to get it usable. They want a GUI so simple to use that a blind wombat could poke it's way through. And most of all, they want a tech support phone number to whine to when they're not smart enough to tell a left click from a right click.

    Linux doesn't offer that. It's <i>slowly</i> getting closer, but it's still primarily designed for someone to have at least a half-arsed clue, which <i>most</i> people lack.

    So unless someone suddenly puts out a candy-coated distro of Linux that would make most Linux users cringe at even the thought of and offers tech support for it, DRM just won't make a noticable difference in the number of Linux users.

    And, of course, such will never happen because the primary flaw with Linux is that the Linux programmers and users are all idealistic snobs who thumb their noses at such ideas as an OS that's as easy to use as a Mac and <i>doesn't</i> involve recompiling kernels or intensive console work.

    Besides, at leat one Linux distro house looking to keep their market happy will toss in DRM support as well should a demand for it even so much as whisper in the wind. My vote would be that Red Hat is the first to do so.

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  5. Slvr I kind of take it personal when you seem to target Windows users and call them stupid.

    Unless I misunderstood you, I'd like to know why you threw this rant that seemed so anti-Windows users.

    What made you choose your THG Community username/nickname? <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/community/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=19957#19957" target="_new">Tell here!</A>
  6. Same feeling here.Some folks don't care how it works,only that it does.That doesn't mean that they are stupid,lazy,etc.Maybe their fields of interest just lie elsewhere.
    Stereotyping is a touchy thing on a message board.Never can tell who might be offended.

    If ya don't ask..How ya gonna know.
  7. Hey, Silver.

    NEWZ FL45H:

    You *might* be a Linux Guru. But there are things that you still cuss, and don't have the knowledge to be able to change/reprogram it, so you have to find a workaround.

    That's where "those bastards that don't have a drop of clue about computerz" come in. They make a market. Which means *EVERYONE* wants to program for Linux, because there's cash to be make in tech. callz, and gaming feez.

    So, it's in your best interest as a Linux Guru, to have a little f@kking patience with "those bastards that don't have a drop of clue about computerz". You might be able to hammer out Zork on a PDP-2, and you are the best fortan coder in the world, but that does not preclude you from everyone else.

    You know, that physician that you go to (as long as it's not Grassapa =), might not have a damn clue about computers but he knows enough biochemistry and drug interactions to help you with your athlete's foot...

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  8. No but almost 90% here use Windows, I personally never would switch, I love Windows, and I disagree with the majority who hate it but have to use it because it is widely supported. Windows may be someone's most hated thing, but IMO it has so much things to offer that no other can possibly give. WinXP just does that right, I am happy with it, love it, stability at best.
    So I still want to know what was Slvr's intent in his post, without jumping at him without perhaps being sure of what he meant in his post, to avoid misunderstandings.

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  9. I would normally agree with you. But when someone posts something like "because they're too stupid to use a computer", that clears up the "vagueness" for me.

    The keys aren't *THAT* close to each other...

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  10. Quote:
    So unless someone suddenly puts out a candy-coated distro of Linux that would make most Linux users cringe at even the thought of and offers tech support for it


  11. I've never used Lindows, but I have the .99b of it.

    Isn't it a pure Linux kernal, with WineX completely integrated?

    As in, the install makes you setup a FAT32 partition, or something?

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  12. Silver, I'll have to disagree with you there. Sure, more than half of the people who use Windows aren't very experienced computer users, but that doesn't mean they are ALL stupid. I'm an experienced user, and I use Windows 98 SE. People call me stupid, because they say Windows 98 crashes alot, and it's full of bugs, holes, plus has no security whatsoever. I still use it, though. Why? Well, because it's simple to use and very efficient and productive. I know that once you get Linux setup in the way you want it, it'll continue to run that way. I know that Linux is stable, and has good security (well duh, it's based on Unix), but the reason I don't run it is because I don't need to. I don't use it because it's barely compatible, and so many things are made for Windows. You can find almost any program you want for Windows, or in other words, any program that you can imagine. Sure, Windows is very simple to use, and Linux users generally think Winodws users are stupid because it's so "simple". Windows, though, gets things done fast. It's very productive because it's simple on the outside. If you're and advanced user like me, you can go into all these Windows settings and system files and fiddle around with them. You can also fiddle around with the registry (it's quite fun to do that). For me, Windows is sort of a challenge. I always think it's a challenge of making Windows 98 fast, stable, and secure. I'm running an extremely customized and optimized version of Windows 98. The only things that crash on my computer are Winamp, Kazaa. My firewall will sometimes hang on me, but that happens very rarely. I've discovered that these programs crash not because of Windows, but because they have bugs (especially Kazaa). Sure Windows isn't perfect. It sometimes forgets my folder settings, but my installation of Windows is running <b>near</b> perfection. I've installed every patch that Microsoft ever made for Windows 98 SE, along with every single patch for Office 2000. Most of my programs are update and running the latest versions.

    For me, Linux is not needed. After some extreme tweaking, my installation of Windows is comparable to a Linux system. Sure, Windows 98 still has a few security problems, but I've tried to minimize them as much as possible. Every few days, I scour my system for anything bad or harmful. I flush all my temp folders, and internet folders periodically. I see if there are any unwanted ActiveX programs on the system. I do online virus scans. I have disabled install-on-demand for IE, among a few other things. There is no executable on my system which will run without my knowledge. My firewall keeps track of EVERYTHING trying to call out through the internet. I even keep track of my Windows core kernel, as it sometimes tries to connect to the internet, or some other program tries to connect to the kernel. I use a rule-based firewall, which stops all the pop-ups on Kazaa. I'm spyware free, and if there happens to be spyware on my system, my firewall will tell me. So basically, I have no need to run Linux, because I'm running a very good install of Windows. Windows is running the way I want it to, not the other way around.

    For certain tasks though, Linux is great. There are certain things Linux can do that Windows can't. For example, Linux has 64-bit support, and it's not that expensive (compared to 64 bit Windows). BTW, for all of you out ther who don't know this, LInux is a hacker's favourite OS. If you're a security analyst, or a bug finder, then Linux is probably your OS of choice. I would go into greater detail of the secrets of Linux, but i don't think it's appropriate to talk about. Silver, I think you know what I'm takin' about :wink: .

    Ohh, and BTW, DRM isn't going to help Linux (because of the reasons that you've stated).

    Eden, Linux is command-line driven. Sure, it has a GUI, but you still need to know how to use the command lines. You need to have some knowledge of the Unix OS in order to run Linux. Also, you need some considerable knowledge if you want to customize and tweak a Linux system. Also, WinXP, I admit, is a quantum leap over Windows 98 in terms of stability/security, but you lose out on alot of things from Windows 98. Plus, XP has it's own host of problems (Eg. SCSI performance problems, DOS is emulated, compatiblity lost on certain funky programs, etc.)

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  13. Yes, Lindows is in fact the pure Linux kernel with WineX somehow integrated into the OS.

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    <font color=green>All good things must come to an end … so they can be replaced by better things! :wink: </font color=green>
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  14. What i like about Linux is that if a program crashes the system doesn't get unstable and there's no need to reboot.

    The other thing I hate is rebooting on every little change to the system and installing software etc.
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