Athlon XP 2200+ Cooling

I've been freaking out about my new CPU's temperature. I've been swapping heatsinks left and right thinking that my CPU is overheating excessively.

My current setup is:
Athlon XP 2200+ (Thoroughbred B - AXDA2200DKV3C)
Asus A7V333
Corsair PC3000 CAS2 512MB DDR
1 x 120mm Front Intake fan (no name brand)
1 x 80mm Side Intake fan (no name brand)
2 x 80mm Rear Vantec Stealth 27cfm Exhaust fan
1 x 80mm Top Panaflow 40cfm exhaust fan

With Volcano 7+, CPU Idle: 43C Load: 48C
Dr.Thermal TI-V77L CPU Idle: 47C Load: 53C
Volcano 9 (Fan at full speed and crazy [TOO] LOUD!!!) Idle: 49C Load: 53C [often reboots]

Apparently the Athlon XP CPUs run MUCH hotter than similar P4s.. or at least that's what I can gather. What really bugs me is that most websites I've visited seems to imply a cool running 43C idle and 47C load temperatures with the Volcano 7+/9 units. I thought I was doing something seriously wrong.

Does anyone have some temperature data about their Athlon 2200+ and their heatsink brand+model?

Does anyone have some insight into how to cool the CPU to run at under 50c at load? [My volcano 7+ broke after 3 days (fan died) so I had to run out to the store to buy the Dr.Thermal unit while I awaited the shipment of a Volcano 9]

One nagging thing on my mind is that I might have applied too much Arctic Silver II.. but I put on only a teardrop's worth, which I spread religiously on the heatsink and CPU core with a shaver blade....
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  1. "With Volcano 7+, CPU Idle: 43C Load: 48C"

    Put that sucker back on there and quit worrying. 2200's run hot and those temperatures are actually probably lower than most people's running 2200's ;)
  2. I have an A7V333 with an Athlon XP2100+, and Alpha PAL 8045 heatsink and a Vantec Tornado 84 cfm fan. I bet my fan is even louder than yours!!! My cpu temperatures are 45 - 50C depending on load.
    Make sure you have BIOS revision 1011 or later. Prior revisions have a bug that causes cpu temperatures to be reported higher than normal.

    It's not important to know all the answers, as long as you know how to contact someone who does.
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