Asus Eeepc 1215n beeping, Overheating?

Hi there!

My problem:
Randomly my eeepc makes a loud robot like beep. It happens 2-3 times per hour and it sounds very similar to the boot up beep some computers make. As of now it has only happened when the computer is awake.

More info:
- I purchased my netbook 1 week ago and this problem started earlier today.
- I had left it turned on for most of the week however it was in sleep mode for about 90% of it.
- 3 days ago I upgraded the ram to 4gb. Everything else is stock.
- I've only used it for firefox and evernote. No games or anything else that would be considered graphic/processor intensive.
- I felt the side and bottom, it feels warm but not overly hot.
- It is plugged in and fully charged.
- I always have it on a table or other flat surface.
- I do not use a cooling pad with it.

Do you think that maybe it is overheating or the motherboard is malfunctioning?

Since it is only a week old I am thinking about exchanging it. I'd rather not if I don't absolutely have to though.

Any suggestions/advice would be great! :)

Thank you!!!!!
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    Usually, if a computer of any kind is overheating, it will actually shut down. You're saying that you're only getting beeps and no other problems. The only thing that sounds likely is the RAM you recently purchased. It's possible that is likely the issue. Run memtest to verify that the RAM is working as intended.

    If you get no errors, do exactly what you think you should which is exchange it for another one.
  2. Great idea! I will give that a try, thank you!
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  4. Ran memtest, no ram errors were found. Hoping this is just a weird random flaw and not a regular occurrence with the eee pc's.
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