HP DV9000 battery probs

Hi all,

Ive got a DV9000 HP lappie, its started behaving weirdly lately, here is a summary of whats going on.

1) when plugged in with a/c and battery I get a 'Plugged in but not charging message, intermittantly every few seconds charging stops.
2) when plugged in with no battery, it wont boot fully, gets half way thru loading vista then switches off
3) I have changed a/c and still the same.

I'm wondering if any of the HP bloatware may cause this?
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  1. I just checked the specs of your laptop.

    It's an oldie. Li-Ion batteries do not last forever. You will most likely need a new battery if you want to use your laptop for any mobility.

    Although the not booting with no battery sounds strange.
  2. first try the same case with another battery borrowed from a friend .
  3. Buy a replacement battery from some one else other than HP. A replacement battery costs $139.99 for a 8 cell from the HP website. It is not recommend to run your laptop without a battery, since you replaced AC adapter it is not an issue. You can buy the battery from EBay.
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