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Hi There,

I'm new to here but was hoping someone could guide me on what could possibly be the problem with my Laptop. I'll try to include as much information as possible.

I have a HP DV7-1260US 17" Laptop running Windows 7 64Bit. I took the PC apart to clean out the fan that was really dusty. I disassembled the PC using this guide: http://www.insidemylaptop.com/disassemble-hp-pavilion-dv7-notebook/

I got to step 14, and stopped. I didn't want to remove the LCD display from the laptop so I just dusted the fan from that step and re-assembled the PC. When re-assembled the PC powers on, the Fan comes on, the Hard Drive light is displayed as if everything is ok. The screen "comes on" in the sense that the backlight turns on but nothing is displayed on the screen. The screen gives a dark-blue tint when it is "on" without a display. I disassembled the PC again to check any connections and noticed that the connector for the Power Cover/Board was broken off. So I ordered a new power cover & board as well as a LCD Video Cable (i didn't have reason to think this was damaged but since it wasn't very expensive I ordered it as well just in case).

The parts arrived, I replaced them both very carefully...same problem. Boots up, screen turns on, screen displays nothing.
I plugged a Monitor to the laptop via VGA and it displays the desktop fine. So the computer boots up and is properly running, the video can be displayed with a external monitor.

Any ideas on what could have gone wrong or what I should attempt next?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Hi and welcome,
    all the links you gave come up with 404, could you double check please?
  2. Hi the links worked for me when I tried them just now.

    Let's see if i can just add the images...

    Parts i ordered:

    Link to guide:
  3. Any ideas on this guys?

    I tried to also replace the inverter and im still having the same issue...everything works fine with a external monitor but the screen just comes on and stays "blue" on the laptop.
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