NEED HELP!!! CPU stuck to heatsink!

Ok made a post earlier because my new P4 2.4b was gettin very hot and didnt know why. I decided to remove the heatsink from the CPU to make sure there was nothing between them. However when I removed the heatsink the CPU came out with it, it was stuck very securly to the heatsink via the thermal pad. I handnt lifted up the handle on my motherboard to get the CPU out tho!

Firstly and most importantly have I damaged any of my hardware?
Secondly How do I get the CPU unstuck from the heatsink without to much trouble?
Thirdly If I do get my CPU unstuck how do I clean the surface of it? and should I get a new thermal pad or use thermal paste?

Please help me, my dad just spent £179 on the CPU and £85 on the motherboard and I will b in serious trouble if I cant sort this out!

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  1. Well first of all I'd put it back in to make sure it still works. Secondly, I'd leave the cover off and let it run for a while using a program like Toast or something to really heat the CPU as much as possible. Then shut it down, remove the cpu properly and see if heated up you can slide the CPU off the heatsink. IF not well, I'm stopping there, I don't want to tell you to do something that could possibly damage your CPU.

    As for cleaning it if you do remove it, I recommend acetone or isopropyl alcohol, even nail polish. I see a guy here recommend brake fluid a lot(i've never tried it, but I'm sure that will work quite well also). Anyhow good luck.

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  2. If it doesn't come off when it's hot throw it if the freezer overnight. Tomorrow morning give it a little twist while pulling and it should pop off.

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  3. do not force the cpu back into the socket. you will have to get it unstuck so you can lift the lever. if for some reason you used artic silver adhesive and didnt dilute it. you may be sol. that stuff dont come off.

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  4. You can pry it off, but use a large blade to spread the load, such as a putty knife. Putting it in the freezer for a while as mentioned can make the thermal pad brittle so it's easier to separate.

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  5. Cheers for all your help doods its much appreciated. I will try prying it off and if that doesnt work I will put it in the freezer in a freezer bag. Hopefully my dad wont break my legs now :)

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  6. It sounds like you used too much thermal paste.... they're not kidding when they say to use only half a BB sized drop and spread it paper thin onto the cpu metal core itself only. If I were you, the first thing I would try is to wet down a Q-tip realy good and wedge it in between the HS and the CPU... do this along each side... then while holding the whole thing in your hand (do NOT put it down on a table), processor facing down into your hand, but not mashing against it, put a butterknife in the crack and using LIGHT force, twist the butter knife so that the non-serrated side twists into the CPU wafer.

    WARNING: I don't know where these guys got the freezer thing unless they are pulling your chain, which is not cool.. but that is VERY dangerous for your CPU. Freezers contain a LOT of moisture which almost guarantees CPU damage.... not only that, but you ever notice how plastic bags stick to each other? That's because they are full of static electricity...

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  7. suhas93 said:
    Tried this?

    I would think that after 9 years this problem would have been solved one way or another. Try checking the dates of the posts next time.
  8. I would think after 9 years amd would supply the cpu with thermal paste instead of super-glue!
  9. I done that once and broke one of my pins check your pins and make sure they are all their or if bent real carefully use a pin to straighten them out .
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