Serious problem in windows 7

help!!!! i have a netbook from hp they gave me windows 7 starter then i have upgraded to ultimate but it worked slow so i have installed Ubuntu and after that i wanted to delete Ubuntu so i have deleted it and now windows gives me a boot error like this "windows failed to start" and its telling me to to put windows CD but i dont have a CD because its a netbook=no cd drive and i cant boot from a flash drive because i only have 2 gig and not 4 and i know that windows did not got deleted because i can see my files in Ubuntu and windows folder still exists plzzz help1!! i only have a micro sd card with 4 gig

plz do not lock this thread i rly need help!
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  1. it's new so take it back to HP, as for Win7 being slow, first you should have asked before you knee jerked the system, now you have 2 problems, 1st Win7 creates a file in the MBR called ntldr.dll, it keeps you from installing any OS and it working, 2, now that you have made the computer useless to you, and there is nothing we can do, do to a lack of tech expertise on your part, take it back to where you got it and grovel, they may install 7 again, then ask why it is slow and provide all the system specs and we will tell you
  2. There's a reason why netbooks are cheap and only have W7 starter on them, it's not because they are fast and capable of running all the extras of Ultimate.
    " i only have 2 gig and not 4" flash drive.
    So you can lay out money for Ultimate, but can't afford a 4 gig flash drive? you would have been better off to get the flash drive and leave Ultimate.
  3. Omer, how did you install the upgrade in the first place?
  4. Hello omer1000,

    4GB Flash is all you need. You can setup a flash USB*($10 maybe on sale?). All Windows 7 files necessary for boot and install can be setup on a 4GB flash drive.

    You can download the USB tool for free and copy your Windows 7 ISO to the USB. Complete instructions can be found here:
    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  5. Very good reply, without throwing the tar and feathers on the guy...
  6. Dunno about Win7 "starter" edition, but my HP lappy came with Win7 home premium and an app to backup the boot partition installation files to some DVDR discs. I guess it saves them a few $$ to not have to ship discs with the computer, but since I got it on sale I don't mind too much..
  7. The Starter edition ships with Netbooks in the US (is available for sale separately in other countries from what I know).

    IMHO, the OP would not have needed to downgrade because of speed. The difference among versions are extra features, once you disable them it should work the same
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