Should I upgrade my CPU or my Video Card?

I have a Athlon XP1800 on a Asus A7V266 with 512MB and a GeForce3Ti500. Which would be a better upgrade. A new CPU the Athlon XP2200 or a GeForce4 4400? Video is a little more expensive. Please post comments.
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  1. I would wait for the ATI 9500, instead of the GeForce4 Ti 4400, if ya don't want to spend $300+ for the undisputed champion ATI 9700 Pro. Overclocking your XP1800 by increasing the FSB could also allow you obtain a free XP2200 upgrade.

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  2. I wouldn't upgrade anything at the moment. A minor upgrade like your suggests won't improve your system enough to warrant the expensive, IMO.

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  3. As AMD Man says, why you need to upgrade? The only reason that make sense for me is that you are playing games at high resolution with all enabled. If this is the case, its clear that the most benefit will come from a new video card.

    But for me, still is not worth the expense ...

    Note: you can check THG graphs to see the improvement from GF3Ti500 to GF4.

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