Computer upgrade !!!!!

I need to good true advice not like i find in stores.(hehe)its true.
This is the thing i have two computers:
1. 266 mhz mmx Pentium II,32mb edo ram, 4.0GB hd , Ensoniq sound card, 2mb video card, U.S robotics 56k modem,G6-266 Pentium Pro motherboard and processor.(bought from Gateway 2000).(Working on Win98)

2. Pentium III 450mhz,128mb sdram,8.0GB Western Digital UltraUdma/100 hd,30GB Western Digital UltraUdma/100 hd, Creative vibra 128mb sound card,Geforce4 mx 440,U.S robotics 56k modem,40X Btc cd-rom,Cdrw Yamaha 20X10X40 and Ethernet Card.(working on Xp)

This is the question- my dad has the first computer:He's fed up with the computer getting stuck or just slow running. My dad and sister share the computer and they both complain about not being able to use it properly cause of its slow working speed. I understand that if i upgrade the memory on the computer it won't have a big change in performance plus its gonna be very hard to find that type of memory on the market.
So a new idea came to mind maybe we should buy a new motherboard and CPU- put those new goodies in my computer(im the son btw) and have my motherboard and CPU put in the old computer case. My question is if the old computer's plug-in cards (such as sound card,hard drive,Cd-rom,floppy) be compatible and recognizable on the new motherboard(SE440BX-2 FROM INTEL)???
I have a spare 8MB Ati video card and Voodoo2 32mb accelerator to add.
Can i do this transformation, and will both computers work like new and improved machines?
Or should we buy a new computer( budget is tight)?
I haven't built computers yet but i wanna learn and this seems like a great chance.
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  1. i suppose you would need a full upgrade. you could get a pretty nice system for around 500-800 bucks. I dont really know any configurations. It would be something like an athlon xp 1800+, 256-512 MB PC-2100 RAM, KT-333 chipset, 40 GB Hardrive, Radeon 8500LE, you would probably get a 150-200 dollar screen and a semi cheap case with a 300 W PSU. It would be like gettin a ferrari compared to those computers. I will try to get a configuration for u, i just dont have the time right now.

    Also, you may have trouble with the newer stuff gettin to run on older PSU's and the older cases. Also alot of that stuff will act as bottle necks to your system. Your best bet would be to build a new one.
  2. Hey, I just turned 15 years old, and I built a system for myself and another for my parents in the past four months, so you know it can't be that hard ;-). It really isn't too hard, and most of the steps involve common sense. A full new system (without the monitor) is only going to run you $400 to $600 -- and I'm talking about a decent system too. My recommended configuration:

    AMD Athlon XP 1900+ Retail: $105
    MSI KT3 Ultra (KT333-based): $85
    256MB PC2700 DDR RAM: $65 (you can always add another 256 later if you need it)
    ATI Radeon 8500LE: $90
    Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM HDD: $100 (may as well go for the 80GB because 40/60GB are only $10-$20 cheaper)
    Windows XP Home Edition OEM: $90
    300W ATX Case: $50

    Total: $585

    So there you have it. It shouldn't be too hard to convince your dad to spend less than $600 for a powerful new computer; look at what $600 will (not) get you at Best Buy -- the Compaq/HP/Dell machines in that price range are Celerons with 128MB of SDRAM, 20GB HDD's, and integrated graphics!

    Use the CD-ROM, floppy, modem, sound, etc. out of your existing computer for now, and as you get more money replace those if you want. If you can't quite afford the setup I described above, just use your existing video card to start with, but DO NOT GO CHEAP on the CPU, motherboard, or RAM!!! I made this mistake by buying a motherboard with the slow AMD761 chipset and now I'm stuck with it for at least a year :(.
  3. Sorry guyz but im not too keen on Amd CPU's, i've never seen an AMD processor run and eventhough i heard they have pretty good performance i think ill stick to Intel.
    A new $600 dollar system for example might be real tight, i may have to help in the purchase. This might sound weird but i can't be totally supported by my parents all my life , right?!!. Anyways, ill have to think of a way to make both sides happy.
    As to my earlier question: Can't i buy a new motherboard and processor and stick it in my (Pentium III 450mhz mid-tower case)and place my SE440BX-2 motherboard and Pentium III processor in my dad's computer??? is that even possible? Is it worth doing that might only cost me $450-400 dollars. I really want expert help or someone who experienced something like this.
    Thanks for your responses
  4. > A new $600 dollar system for example might be real tight
    > ... that might only cost me $450-400 dollars

    $200 more for a complete new, fast and upgradeable setup is a steal. you'd be nuts spending $200 less trying to upgrade your current machine. Besides, sell your current setup to recover those $200... If the proposed $400 upgrade price is correct, this sounds like a no brainer.

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  5. Well you may run into issues as to whether or not some of the old mainboard have those features you described integrated. Also, some of the add in cards may be ISA, and you'll have a hell of a time finding an ISA mainboard. They are still floating around, but difficult to find. I've also have a few issues(twice I think) where old hard drives had trouble being recognized by newer chipsets. They were both Western Digital drives (8.4 and a 6 gig), one with an Asus board, another with an Abit board.

    :cool: Save heating costs on your home, overclock your PC!!! :cool:
  6. I was thinking of selling my old setup but problem is finding someone to sell it to. I mean who'll want that setup - maybe banks or hospitals...I dont know of any trade-in stores around here. :) i dont know where to start...
    I want both my dad and myself to be content with our computers and im keen on building one - i feel like i have to hurry up the process.

    1. What do you think of the Asus P4S533 board?runs at bout 113$
  7. Have you looked at Ebay? There are some barebones systems there for under $200.00.
    The thing to be careful there is specs like how many PCI slots, etc. There is a rebuilder there who's cases that I like. He's got some P4 Celeron barebones kits for under $200....but the number of memory slots are only 2 ... the number of PCI slots is 3. For a couple of number crunching projects, I'm considering it. No fancy stuff wanted for them.
    Count the number of PCI slots you want/need and go from there.
    When you know the basic specs for your new motherboard, then go shopping.

    CAUTION - some Ebay sellers are charging very high shipping and handling to insure they can cover their costs.
    Factor that number in before bidding.

    Every working computer must be improved .... or replaced ...
  8. Im starting to understand that getting a new motherboard an CPU for around $400 isn't worth doing and adding $200 more will get me a powerful pc. I'll be building a pc for my father,mother and sister- the computer will be used for all microsoft office applications, internet browsing, gaming (not likely to be high graphic games), kitchen and home design programs and such.
    ive got a few...:

    1. Give me a good configuration for that kind duty and a computer that could be upgraded in the future.(only pentium Cpu's)

    2. Should I wait till like Dec or Jan till faster processors come out annd buy a Cpu that was expensive before?

    3. Whats the differnce between the memory chips DDRam 266mhz/333mhz and pc2100 /pc26000 there a major differnce in performance??

    Thanks peplz
  9. I'll sell you a top quality Soyo slot 1 BX chipset board for $40 that will work with all your old hardware, supports Pentium III's up to 1GHz and all Pentium II's, and uses the faster, cheaper SDRAM ($42 at Crucial for 256MB).

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