How do i change my windows 7 design back to normal? its a different setup its bl

i dont remember where i go to change the whole default setting of my windowns vista back to its original setup? it was normal windows, white and blue and stuff, then i was fooling with the settings and i clicked this black one. everythings black and yellow now. and it doesnt show stuff. where do i go to change my windowns 7 laptop back to its original default look?
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  1. Hello Imso;
    Go to your Start menu and type this into the Search bar: personalization
    Use the Personalization choice that Search will find for you.
    Or you can go into the Control Panel and choose Appearance and Personalization
    You can also right click on an empty spot of the Desktop and choose Personalize there.

  2. Hello imsolost,

    You change it in "system", advanced, and then choose "Let windows manage".

    This should give you optimum settings.


    Microsoft Windows Client Support.
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