CPU Jumper Settings (Asus P4t533-c)

At the risk of sounding like I rode the short bus to computer training...I need a question answered. Please correct me if I am wrong but the board is set to default in JEN which is jumper free mode (CPU adjustments can be made in the BIOS). This means to me that no adjustments need be made to boot the computer?? The manual goes on to tell how to adjust the CPU external frequency selection and the CPU frequency multiple setting. By leaving it in the default mode I shouldn't have to play around with jumpers to get the board to recognize the CPU correct? And if anyone has a lot of extra time on their hands...could you explain how and the reason for adjusting the affore mentioned jumpers...it would be greatly appreciated. The manual is quite skimpy on this section.

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  1. in the old time we were setting our cpu be Jumper also opverclock be jumber.Just leave it to Jumberless mode and the cpu will boot a the original spec

    Now what to do??
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