Can't see Hiren's boot disk

Hey, I'm trying to use a boot disk I just burned on my PC. It's able to be read on there, but my laptop doesn't see the disk. Would that be the drive or the disk itself? I tested the dvd on my pc and it works fine. The disk is a memorex dvd-rw 4x 4.7gb.

The laptop is a Toshiba satellite A135-s4527. It has a DVD-RW drive on it so I figured it would show up. But for some reason it doesn't even show up when I try to open the disk in windows.
Thanks for any advice!
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  1. ahh yeah, pesky memorex, there's some *** that has to do with whether it's DVD+R or DVD-R and which company made the DVD-rom and how old it is. Basically, try updating the drivers on your laptop for cdrom
  2. @anonymous1 I know that, It just doesn't read the disk. If I try to open it in windows it doesn't even read the disk.

    @antizig. Ok I'll try that. Would it be an issue with the disk being a DVD-RW? The drive says RW right on the side of it. I'll try updating drivers.
  3. I don't think it matters whether it's a rewritable or not.
    see here:

    if it's a DVD-RW then it will only read DVD-R(W), so if it's DVD+R(W) then you need a DVD+RW drive or as that page says DVD±RW

    It's the crap that consumers have to deal with because Sony couldn't deal with the fact that pioneer beat them in tech development
  4. Yeah, I didn't think it would matter. I'm sort of at a loss now though. I tried updating drivers and it has the latest. So I don't get why It won't read the disk.
  5. Well, after reading that It might just be the disk/way it was burnt. It was my 1st time using these disks. Guess You can't really cheap out on them.

    I'll try burning one on the laptop and see what happens.
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