Fan died: CPU fried?

When my relatively old, homebuilt PC stopped working, I opened it, plugged in just the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, powered up, and noticed that the CPU fan was not running. It had somehow been knocked askew on the heatsink, and was partially melted where it had come into contact with the heatsink vanes. Now, upon powering up my machine, the hard drives spin up, but there seems to be no signal coming from either video card.
Is my cpu (an AMD K6-450 that I can replace for $15) fried? Would a dead CPU cause these symptoms? And could a broken fan cause this CPU to overheat? Or is my motherboard (cheap-o FIC VA-503A) dead? Or maybe one of the video cards (whichever one I set in the bios to be the main card; I can't remember which one) has died?
I'm trying to avoid taking the individual suspect components in to a computer store to have them tested.
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  1. Here in Dallas we've got a place called halfpricecomputers (they also have a web site) where they sell old components. You can pick up old video cards, mobos, etc for a couple bucks a pop. Its a good way to stock up on parts to have around for testing like you're needing. You might check around to see if such a place exists in your area.

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  2. Usually if the video card is bad, you'll hear some beeps during POST. On the other hand, if the CPU fan is not running, you are gonna to fry the CPU in a minute or so. Check if you can smell something burned on the CPU. Also try to reset the BIOS to see if it works.
  3. Quote:
    Now, upon powering up my machine, the hard drives spin up, but there seems to be no signal coming from either video card.

    If there are no beeps, either your CPU, motherboard, or power supply is dead. I bet it's your CPU due to your fan failing. Your fans and drives powering on indicates that your power supply is probably OK. Motherboards don't often just die. Try shorting the CMOS jumper.

    I had the same symptoms a couple weeks ago and it turned out that my Powerleap CPU adapter mysteriously died. My CPU itself was fine, but right now I'm dead in the water until I get that adapter replaced.


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  4. Well....K6-2's dotn put out the kinda heat that newer CPU's do from both Intel and AMD...there pretty durable chips.....infact a K6-2 450 is a cooler, more efficient running CPU than the dreaded AMD K6-233MMX Chip...the 3.3VCore version anyways...dual plane....that thing was a MONSTER when it came to heat...i owned one....and i popped it into a Super 7 board once and it read the Temp of the CPU being 96 Degrees Celcious...anyways my point was i left it on overnight one day and the Fan died...i had a homemade cooling setup.....and the 2 fans died.....Chip was BURNING hot when i got to it in the was frozen...i shut her down....left it for 3 hours.......put the oroiginal HSF on and powered it up and it worked fine.......this K6 CPU's were monsteres and could handle anything...

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  5. The main problem is the CPU. Probably it's damaged. But if your mobo supports newer CPUs - and you don't plan upgrade or buying a new machine instead - you may buy K6-2+@550MHz, or the fastest K6-III+. And, of course, quality HSF - maybe some designed for XP2800+ /socket A/.

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