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builtin webcam but not listed and no "image device" listing in device manager. No switch on the unit or key combination to turn it on. I have reloaded drivers but still no recognition of the cam. Have tried most all of fixes I have seen on the net. Any thoughts out there.
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  1. give exact name and model number of it
  2. Acer Aspire One Series Model KAV10
  3. Thanks, went to site and downloaded all 3 camera driver sets and tried them but still get the same result. Suyin says camera not found and the other 2 ask to connect the camera. Did a restart after each and viewed contents of the Device Manager but never see an "imaging devices" entry. Baffling problem.....
  4. try the next link to find the exact model for your driver
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Nothing helped and as I was trying to fix it for a friend and they needed it back I will close this one out. She can and will use an external webcam. The thing that made the most sense for me was -- quote"if Windows Device Manager doesn't see it (even as an unknown device) then chances are your cam is cactus and needs replacing."
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