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Question about the Alienware M18X

I know that one of the options for the M18X is the 6970 in crossfire. On this youtube video I see an M18x running Metro 2033. It is not using fraps, and the user does not show if he has DOF and TES on or not - which tells me he doesn't. In my opinion, he averages about 35-40 frames a second. He even drops down to about 20 at one point.

Now, here is my ?

His specs destroy my desktop specs. I only have one 6970, and I am using an i5 @ 3.2GHz - as opposed to his crossfire 6970 and i7 @ 4.00GHz.

Yet, I get MUCH better performance than what he is getting. If he did in fact have DOF and TES on, then we do about the same (I also run mine in 1920x1080). Shouldn't his be blowing mine away?

I was seriously considering an M18X, which is what led me to the video. If it is just that it comes seriously underclocked (for obvious reasons) then I can fix that in a hurry. But I need to know.

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  1. the laptop will have 6970m's in crossfire which is a cut down Mobile version of the GPU.

    1536 Stream Processing Units
    880 clock speed
    5500 Memory clock speed:

    960 Stream Processing Units
    580 - 680 MHz clock speed
    4800 Memory clock speed

    the CPU should be about on par with the desktop version but u obviously see the size of a normal 6970, do you really thing they can fit 2 of those full cards with propper cooling into a laptop. let alone leave room for the HDD, motherboard, RAM and ROM drive? No they have to cut down the power and there for the heat generation to fit them in.

    btw there is almost 0 performance between the i5 (2500k) and i7 (2600k) for gaming performance.
  2. gaming on a laptop is an uphill battle from the begining. unless you have no other option a desktop is always a better option.

    Cheaper for better performance & specs. (Big Margin)
    Bigger screen
    cooler & generally quietier
    more overclockable

    not portable.

    first page shows the differences.

    its on par or less than a 6850 desktop card.

    6850 (Desktop)

    960 Stream Processors
    775MHz core Clock
    4000 Memory Clock
  4. Thanks a lot, man.

    You really explained that like you know your stuff.

    Looks like I should stick to my Asus G73 for on the go.
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    Yup i would.

    the 5870m (in ur Asus)

    800 Stream Processors
    700mhz Core
    4000mhz RAM

    its not that great a difference.
    although the Alienware (DELL) can have them in crossfire (Optional)

    ur desktop is always going to monster these laptops.
    i do 95% of my gaming on my desktop (specs below)
    and occasionally ill have a game or 2 of LoL on my laptop when stuck at work late. (MBPro 3ghz C2D, 9600 GT. 8gb DDR3)
  6. Thanks man. I appreciate the advice.

    Your rig is awesome, btw.
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