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I am the proud owner of a P4 2.53 processor with bent pins (don't ask). Is there a reputable site who could repair it without ripping me off? Or is there a tool that is out there that could fix the processor and does not require a great learning curve. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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  1. Take your time and use a long thin piece of metal that fits beteen the rows of pins and straighten a row at a time. A good piece of metal to use is a blank that you remove when you install a new PCI card.

    Gently rock it back and fourth and you should be able to fix all the bent pins.

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  2. I'll fix them all for you for $10 labor. It's typically 5-10 minutes work. 10-15 minutes for a really bad one.

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  3. i had this problem with my friends cpu!

    It should still work. Just bent the pins back OR take it back. up to you.

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  4. ya 10 -15 minutes for like a whole row of bent pins. I was surprised and my friend was freakin out. He almost hyperventilated! But i bent the pins back using some scrap peice of metal i found and after a couple tries to pop it in it fit in and turned it on and worked fine.

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