Dell XPS 15 (L502x) - Battery Status Indicator not lighting up

Hi there. I just recently got a laptop (just yesterday actually) and I'm a bit worried that the status light indicator for the battery isn't working. The reason why I'm saying this is that I've been charging the laptop now for 5 hours (dell recommend at least a 12 hour charge for initial charge so I'll leave it for another 7 hours) but the battery status indicator isn't showing any activity, from behind the screen or the control strip so now I'm a little worried that there is something wrong with it. Also, the battery status indicator in Win7 is showing fully charged. I read in the dell manual that this is normal and should only last for a few hours before it shows the true battery indication but its been 5 hours now and it hasn't changed at all. Its definitely plugged in because I can see a power cord symbol beside the battery symbol so is this all normal and I'm just being paranoid or is there something wrong? Thanks.
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  1. umm, can you read your manual as to when the battery LED supposed to light up?

    as far as I know it only lights up when it's charging or when there's a problem with it, otherwise it's off. So, if you battery is fully charged the LED should be off (at least that's the way it was on mine)

    Dell tells you to charge the battery for 12 hrs just as a precautionary measure in case when they put the laptop toghether they had to run it on battery for a long time and discharged it (basically they do not guarantee that you battery will be charged when you get your laptop). But in most cases when you get your laptop the battery is like 80-95% charged.

    Try to discharge the battery and see what happens. If you discharge it to 50% and then plug it in and the windows tells you it's charging but the LED still shows no activity then I'd be alarmed and call up dell
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