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I was testing different fans the other day, after finding out one was better, i put alot of thermal compound and made a really messy job. The compound was all spread all over the top of the processer (none got on the motherboard)and now the computer wont start up. The motherboard still works because when I take out the ram it Beeps a few times telling me there is no ram. Is the CPU still alive since the motherboard beeped and might I be able to fix it by removing all the thermal compound and reapplying it properly?

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  1. u covered the WHOLE processor?? Jesus......

    Im gonna assume its an AMD Processor.....did u use generic thermal compound?? thats what it sounds like to me...
    My suggestion...clean EVERYTHING off with rubbing alcohol...including the heatsink/fan.....not...put a dab about half the size of a grain of rice in the center of the CPU core...dont even bother spreading but ur Heatsink/Fan back on..the pressure will spread it out evenly on its your set......if it still does "nothing" than reset ur CMOS jumper.......and try again....

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  2. LOL!
    i did the same thing
    put way too much thermal paste, then the system wouldnt work...
    i was 100% sure it was the cpu, i cleaned it good, still didnt work.
    in the end i found out that my motherboard got burned... dunno if it ws because of the cpu, or the new gf4 i put in it (that maybe it couldnt support) or the PSU... the thing is my cpu survived the thermal paste, and the mobo burned.
    what im saying is, get a friends cpu and try it on your motherboard, and try your cpu on your friends motherboard...
    u never know...

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  3. I removed the processer (still waiting for the alchohol so I could clean it)and removed the RAM and I got no beeping sounds indicating there was no RAM. I put the processer back in without the RAM and it beeped. So im pretty sure the CPU and the motherboard are still good. So just kinda wet a cloth with alchohol, wipe it off and I should be fine?
  4. It just might be a good idea, to get into a habit, of finding out how to do something, before you actually do it. Try reading some how-to guides, theres quite a few here at THWG, they just might save you some money. Ryan

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  5. Yes that is a good indication that ur CPU is fine...however that does not mean ur RAM is not....if ur ram is inserted and u power on and get no beeps thats a sure way of telling that ur ram is toast/defective.....try using a different stick of ram and see what happens....

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