Sony vaio weird boot issue

i have a sony vaio and its givig me some problems.
Product: Sony Vaio VPCEB44EN (no memory upgrades since purchase)
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64x
Purchase date: 13 Feb, 2011

Issue: Laptop not booting up(screen remains off)


> Blue Screen shows up during routine stuff like browsing, word editing, etc.

> Blue Screen stays for a while then laptop turns off ; or pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE turns it off (does not reboot)

> Pressing power button produces one of these two responses:
1st: Green light on power button starts blinking and fades in a second or so, other parts including screen remain off
2nd: Green light turns on (sometimes after blinking for 2-3 seconds),
there is some disk activity,
the fan starts (air is hotter than usual),
then laptop turns off giving a faint, fuzzy clicking noise(screen remains off the whole time)

> After leaving laptop idle for 10-20 minutes, it starts up normally

This problem occurs around 1-3 times a day,

Reinstalling Windows did not solve the problem

Windows 'checkdisk' utility does not detect any errors

Windows 'memtest' utility does not find any fault with the RAM

I went to Sony service center (Andheri east, Mumbai), they returned it after 3 days saying it was a dust problem, no parts were replaced, just a routine service was
performed. It was working fine when I collected it, but problem reoccurred after 2-3 hours.

I would go to the service center again since its still under warranty, meanwhile can someone tell me what the problem could be?
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  1. cliking could hdd falling
  2. thanks for the reply guys, cpu doesn't get heat up normally, it isn't much hot when bsod shows up, it heats up when immediately after that i try to start the laptop(laptop doesn't start either)

    problem gets solved when i keep laptop off for 10-20 mins,
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    if would help if you note down the error code from the BSOD so we can figure out wha is actually causing the BSOD

    things don't heat up immediately, unless you have issues with your fan. as anon said, get speedfan or hwmonitor and check your running temperatures. The behavior you describe sounds exactly as thermal issues.

    did you drop the laptop before the issue started?
    did you have laptop shutdown to prevent damage previously?
  4. sony service center replaced my motherboard, problem is solved now :)
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  6. Hello there. I have a problem with my laptop. My laptop can't go on the start up. The green light keeps on flashing every 5secs.

    And when I tried pressing the power button for a couple of times, the orange light will flash then fade right away.

    I have tried removing the AC adapter the pressing the power button for 60secs then plug it again, but it won't work either. What should I do? T_T Thanks in advance for your help. T_T
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