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Hey peeps, in need of some THG help again!!!!

I just brought a KT3 Ultra2 mobo and 2100xp processor ive plugged it all in reinstalled windows etc, but my problem is my puter only reconises my processor as being a 2000xp ????, i've changed alot of bios settings (which in all fairness i dont really know what im doing)as when i first put it together, it said that it was running at 1.2ghz! What have i changed and how do i 'turn it up'??

I haven't failed... I've found a million ways that don't work
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  1. Are you sure you just haven't been smoking a little too much wacky weed? ;)

    Serously though, something really isn't right there. My first impulse was to say that your FSB is set to 100MHz instead of 133MHz. It's a common mistake that a lot of people end up making. Because the CPU speed is determined through multiplying the FSB by a 'multiplier', this means if your FSB is set lower than it should be, your CPU speed is lower than it should be.

    But then there is the matter of your processor info... An AXP2100+ has a multiplier of 13. At a 133MHz FSB, it's speed is 1.73GHz. If your FSB had been set to 100MHz instead of 133MHz, then it should be running at only 1.3GHz.

    However, 1.3GHz is <b>way</b> too low for BIOS to pick it up as an AXP 2000+, because the AXP 2000+ has a speed of 1.67GHz.

    But then you say that it is running at 1.2GHz. A speed of 1.2GHz would be an AXP 1900+ with a FSB of 100MHz instead of the proper 133MHz.

    <pre>AXP 1900+ 1.60GHz @ 133FSB = 1.20GHz @ 100FSB
    AXP 2000+ 1.67GHz @ 133FSB = 1.25GHz @ 100FSB
    AXP 2100+ 1.73GHz @ 133FSB = 1.30GHz @ 100FSB</pre><p>
    So something is really FUBARed there. If it is an AXP 2100+, then you <i>should</i> have a multiplier of 13 and a FSB of 133MHz. Then your CPU will run at 1.73GHz, which is the proper speed for an AXP 2100+

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  2. Make sure your FSB and memory are running synchronously at 133Mhz

    Soon enough, Intel will make the i845s...imagine dual channel Sdram...*shudder*
  3. I suggest looking at bios updates. Maybe your mobo does not recognize (or worse, cannot support) this cpu.
  4. Cheers guys all working correctly now, *note to self, smokeing and changing bios settings dont mix* tnx again

    I haven't failed... I've found a million ways that don't work
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