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I'm upgrading from a P3 800 MHZ to a new CPU. Of course, my mobo is waaaaaay out of date, so I need another one of those too. I also probably need some DDR ram, because I have SD 133 right now. What I'm looking for are some suggestions to some great deals on Mobo's and CPU's. I don't have a preference between Intel and AMD, but I've heard AMD gives more bang for the buck. I am trying to hit the "sweet spot", so I'd be happy with something like an Athlon XP 1800 or 1900+, I don't need 2200+. Any suggestions would be great! I am only asking this here because I don't want to buy the cheapest motherboard on and end up with a piece of crap.
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  1. Cheap doesn't always mean crap. The MSI 745 Ultra is a great board for around $65, check it out at Pricewatch and remember, the bold prices <b>include shipping</b> when comparing it to other boards from vender's sites.

    You could get that board, an 1800+, and 256MB of PC2100 for a grand total of around $200!

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