Which of these should I put into my new computer?
XP 2400+ or p4 2.4 ghz?

Which is faster and which one would you get?
They are both a little under 200 dollars. If someone could help me out. Thanks
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  1. 2.4a or 2.4b from intel? and are you going to OC? would you buy a mobo with the 850E chipset? if you can buy a mobo with the 850E chipset and RDRAM, i would go with intel and do some OCing.

    just some things that you might want to think about. see how much you want to spend and look at whats out there. the cpu is only one part... so if you tell us how much you can spend, we can help you better.

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  2. You might also want to consider that you will probably not be able to get your hands on a XP2400 for atleast a month. Where as the P4 2.4 is avaliable now.

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  3. Pentium 4 2.4GHz 533MHz Northwood Socket 478 Processor w/Fan and Heatsink Intel#:

    I have never OC'ed but if I could figure out how I would do it. The P4 is $186 and the 2400+ is $199.

    I havent chosen a mobo yet because I know nothing about them and I havent picked a CPU yet. What mobo should I get for each CPU?
  4. dood OCing is very easy these days. you don't have to do any mods to the mobo. just pump up the FSB. icy_oblivion also makes a good point. the 2400+ from amd is a better choice if you don't want to OC. and the P4 setup with RDRAM and 850 chipset will be a bit more expensive. so don't worry about the OCing part, its too easy.

    one good setup would be a mobo with the sis 648 chipset and pc3200 or 3500 at cas 2.0 along with the P4 2.4

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  5. Pentium 4 2.4GHz 533MHz Northwood Socket 478 Processor w/Fan and Heatsink Intel#:

    Is this 2.4 a or b?
  6. One thing that most people here have neglected to tell u is the NEW Thoroughbred cores (2400, 2600+ etc.) can OC quite well dont buy a P4 soley on the fact that u can OC the 2400+ can OC aswell as u will see in any article's/reviews on the new Thouroughbred core...

    as for which one u want.....its really your decision in the end......Id say the 2400+ will most likely be faster than the P4 2.4 in half the stuff u do...and the P4 2.4 will be better in the other half.....FPU Intesive stuff...the Athlon is the way to go....Memory Intensive stuff....the P4 is the way to go....

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  7. Choose intel over amd in this situation. The 2400+ and the 2.4 are about even in any appilcation, but the 2.4 is cheaper than the 2400+. The 2.4 is RETAIL meaning you get a 3 year warrenty and a hsf included, while the 2400+ is oem(no warrenty and you have to buy a seperate hsf). The 2.4 overclocks fairly well even with the retail hsf so no need to get another unless you going extreme.

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  8. Looking through the THG review, the P4 2.4B beats the XP2600+ in most tests. Only in Spec Viewperf does the AXPs really shine. IMO, since the P4 is cheaper and faster I'd go for it.

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  9. <font color=green> Wait for XP2800+ </font color=green>

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  10. I dont know when the 2800+ and the other AMD's are going to be for sale? Anyone know?
  11. I have a P42.0A 5 last Prod. code SL5ZT, pack date 05/08/02, yet I can not pass bus 533 even with vcore increased up to 1.6V, If all P4 proc. can be OC, please tell me hwat have I done wrong? And could You tell me what Prod. code do these P4 2400 that can be OC to bus 533. I realy need it. I will have to buy it in these month.

  12. Early January officially. Many people predict it'll be second week febuary when they actually hit stores.

  13. What happens when you try? If it's refusing to boot or just hanging, you may be having a PCI frequency problem if you're gradually increasing. Try jumping straight to 133MHz bus, at that point your motherboard most likely will lock the PCI back down to 33MHz (default).

    What motherboard do you have?

  14. A lot of 2.0A's had trouble getting to 2666MHz. Especially the earlier models. But anything beyond around 2400MHz but under 2666MHz could cause problems with PCI devices or RAM. And some BOARDS weren't made for the "533" bus. And you might need 1.65v to get that high, excluding the previously mentioned issues. And you could have problems with the power supply.

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