guys plz help me (Ist timer)

hey guys i would really like it if u could help me choose the components for my new PC. i dont know if i'm posting this at the right place but hey sorry if i do.
well first of all i've chosen a P4 2.4B as my processor coz here in india the athlons are always introduced very late and the fastest one thats available is the 2200+ which of course is extrmeley pricey being the top model. Is 2.26 a good choice?
moving on to the mother board well gigabyte 8I HXP (I850E) is the best performer so there is no discussion possible on this ....right?
i'll be opting for a G4Ti4200 128 MB card coz honestly i dont really care about high end gaming.
i've already bought a Creative sound blaster audigy
and yes the main prob the 1066 MHz RdRam is extremely expensive here almost double that of PC800 RAM so i'll be using PC800 RAM and is 256 MB enough? will using this PC800 ram be a bottle neck to my processor? thanx in advance guys plz help me

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  1. To really help you out, we need to know what you'll be using your system for. Most people building a killer rig are either looking to play games (not your thing) or do video/photo editing. Let us know what exactly you're doing.

    From what I've read, Gigabyte's board is a killer, but why would you spend the money if you aren't using 1066? You could save some cash by going for DDR instead of PC800. I might even think about an Athlon 2000+ if I were you.

    The short answer is that whatever you're doing, I'd guess 256 of PC800 isn't going to be to your liking. 512 of PC800, or better yet some PC2700, might be nicer. But we'd have to know what you're doing with this setup to help any more than that.
  2. Get something like a P4 2.4B (since the 2.26 isn't any cheaper), a P4S533/845PE mobo and 512MB PC2700. It'll save you money from the RAM/mobo and you'll get near PC800 performance with DDR333 anyways.

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  3. What Chuck232 said about board/RAM is good advice. I've got a P4S533 and PC2700 RAM, it performs beautifully.

    If you don't care about gaming, unless you do professional 3d or CAD, the Ti4200-128MB is definately overkill. Its an immensely powerful card. I'm a hardcore gamer and I have one, it's amazing.

    For more specific advice, post what you're using the PC for that requires power, since you already said not gaming.

  4. ok thanx first of all guys. to be really really honest i'm confused my current system is a p-200Mhz with 32mb EDO ram and a 2mb graphics card so i cant really play any games on them call me primitive but i havent even tastes Q3 though i've read very rave reviews about it and the the others like UT2003 and hey i said i' do not care about high end gaming that means that i do not want to go in for a R9700 or 4400/4600 thats what i meant i'm a complete PC game fan even though i dont get to play them much lol. i dont need any breathtaking 3d quality or something like that so i thought 4200 would be a good choice. i'll basically be using my pc for games 60% of the time 30% Internet and 10% for the usual MS office stuff. so now u'd have the idea. and oh i'll be assembling the PC myself so the problem is i've heard some pretty nasty stuff about the heating issues of athlon i cant get someone to assemble it for me cause damn they dont know nothing . get a load of this i went to this one guy and he asked ok how much speed do u want 500 or 1000MHz ,damn . i've opted ofr the 850e board coz i believe the 533 obvioulsy has some advantages over the 400 Mhz FSB and oh i hate my country for being so technology deificient i cannot go for DDR333 coz oh even more expensive than the PC 1066 RDRAM i dunno why but all the AMD related products arr expensive here than the intel stuff. i know that the athlon more than whoops the ass of the P4 but hey cant go there

  5. and yeah i do want to make a killer rig i've already gathered some pretty nasty stuff for it like an LCD monitor a wireless KB mouse Logitech, a MS gamepad and the audigy for that i'm also a big music fan and definitely need some ass busting Sound effects in my games

  6. Go for a Lower end P4 or Athlon than....

    For Intel i recomend a P4 1.8....
    For AMD I recomend the Athlon XP 2000+


    For Intel the P4S533
    For AMD the Epox 8K3A+

    Ram....get some DDR PC-2100'll be good enough for the AMD system....Intel syste, i dunno should be fien aswell....

    And as far as cooling goes....AXP are nto total HEAT monsters...they get just as hot as there P4 counterparts...only thing is Intel ships the P4 with an already oversized cooler.....especially in comparission to the Stock cooler that comes in the Retail package with the AXP's.....if ur worried....pick up a TT Volcano 7+........and your for the Ti4200....good choice........its a great card......

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  7. The reason P4s are usually regarded as requiring less cooling is that the rather physically large cooler that comes with a northwood is very quiet, and INCLUDED.

    The larger 3rd party heatsinks an AXP can often require are expensive and can be noisy.

    Also, if you compare pure scientific numbers, the AXP gives off far more excess heat when you actually measure the wattage.

  8. DDR is more expensive than rambus in india?? ok then i guess pricewise you do wanna go for the pc 800, and i'd take 512 MB b/c games like UT2k3 will crave ram, as well as microsoft's operating systems and whatnot
  9. yeah well i will be using Win XP home edition on my PC. it's really memory hogging right?? and oh hey is it right that a slave drive works slower than what it would if it was in master mode???

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