heatsink Q?

hi all,

i think i did a bad thing....

i took off my heatsink for my cpu and put it back on. do i need to put that thermal paste stuff on? oris it ok to take your heatsink on and off without doing anything to it? thanks for putting up with a newbie.
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  1. Well, it depends...

    If your thermal performance has gone down, and your processor is running hotter (or even hanging/crashing more) than before that stunt, then the answer is a definate yes.

    And if the answer is a yes, then this is how to do it:
    1# re-remove your heatsink and processor from the motherboard
    2# Gently get rid of the remaining thermal paste from the heatsink and cpu (depending on type of paste some chemicals may have to be used, but make sure it does not destroy your CPU)
    3# Put the processor back onto the MoBo, and put a small drop of thermal paste on it. Then apply the heatsink, and close the clip (it might be safer to do it after you have extracted the MoBo from your case).
    4# continue rockin'

    Mr Jeeves.

    "Anyone who believes in psychokinetics, please raise my hand."
  2. thanks mr jeeves, ill try to do as you instructed as i do see more hang ups than i did before.....ahhhhh the stupidity of messing with a good thing....
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