Insyde H2O Bios Unlock

Hey Guys and Gals;

I have just got a Toshiba L355-S7905 in trade for a desktop system. My issue is not being able to change any settings in the bios.
INSYDE H2O is the devil (INCARNATE). Basicily THEY have locked me out of my Laptop. Anyway is there a download of the install CD of INSYDE H2O for the system builder?

B.T.W. This is my first LapTop! Might be my LAST!!!!! I was a member back in the day. Back when you could change bios settings with Delete to enter SETUP.

SYSTEM: Toshiba MN: L355-S7905 PN: PSLD8U-0Q3033

Celeron 585
Intel GL40 Express Chipset
3 GB Toshiba DDR2 @667 MHz only see's 2 GB 1 GB used for system

Intended upgrades are
Intel Core2 Duo T4500
Ampo Part 3AMD2800N-4G2K-R
and already have Western Digital Part n: WD1600BEKT
Sorry if question has been asked before!
Bruce W Schmidt
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  1. I bet you all had a good LOL on this one. Anyway all upgrades are installed and running fine, this post is on the system above. Now I have mixed opinions of InsydeH2O. I have been away for system building for to long (5-8 years) so I freaked out when I was told some software guru took away my bios editing. All is well with me and my "new to me" Laptop.
    Bruce W Schmidt
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