AMD or INTEL?? Please Comment!!

I have decided to upgrade my computer. At first I was sold on the AMD XP Processors and was going to get a 1600 AGOIA Chip from Newegg for $53 but they sold out. I started looking at P4's and I saw a 1.8A ghz on New Egg for $138 and people say they can easily overclock it 2.4 and some to 2.8!! For a comparable XP Processor the XP2200 would cost $155 and I don't think that it can overclock as well as the 1.8a. If you think that I am making a mistake please tell me and give me suggestions to a Processor, Motherboard, and Memory you would purchase if you were me. Keep in mind that the motherboard should be able to run what I am looking at...don't need the best thing and if there is something better coming out soon please tell me. I am pretty educated on AMD since I have been looking at them for a while but I don't know much about Intel's motherboards or Memory. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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  1. The 1.8 is an excellent overclocking choice. Mine currently runs just under 2.6.

    For the best performance possible get a Gigabyte GA-8IHXP motherboard and PC-1066 RDRAM.

    For a less expensive solution with good performance get an ASUS P4S533 motherboard and DDR333 memory.

  2. If I decided to go with the DDR Memory would it not be worth it to get the Gigabyte there a big difference between the Gigabyte and Asus board? Is one particularly better in overclocking or stability?
  3. You can't use DDR memory in the Gigabyte board, it's a different type and incompatible. Same goes for trying to use RDRAM in the ASUS board I mentioned.

  4. Thanks for the Asus board pretty nice?
  5. Yes it pretty nice, but the main advantage of it was that yo could use DDR333. Now that the 845PE chipsets are available, there's less reason to go for the SiS645DX mobos. The ASUS P4PE seems like a very good mobo. It's a great overclocker and has performance right up near PC800 RDRAM levels.

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