What's the best SSD for the Alienware M17x R2?

I see that the Intel P55 chipset used in the Alienware M17x R2 does poorly with 4k data. Just curious if that has been resolved, because I couldn't find an answer besides seeing the registry changes. I just didn't like the fact that your computer would be running hotter, which is very odd, as the SSD runs so efficiently.

I bought a C300 and Intel G2 SSD, and not sure which one to install. Any advice or words of wisdom?

Also another question is the memory for the RAM. Which brand has the best reliablity? Kingston, G.Skills, Crucial, Mushkin or Cosair?
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    Kingston, G.Skills, Crucial, Mushkin or Cosair are all good brands for laptop RAM.
    It's all RAM and reliability is near 100%.

    Either SSD would be fine. They're both a lot faster than any mechanical drive.
  2. Okay thanks for the advice, I guess I'll settle for G.Skills.
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  4. Update, I actually got the Kingston HyperX 1600mhz
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