Should AMD just drop the hammer and just go value

Hammer is hurting AMD more then helping. Get the Athlon beefed up and get another Value chip like the Duron. Yea the 2800+ looks good for the moment but the 3.06ghz P4 looks better at the moment. This x86-64 isnt sounding that great. Intel isnt going 64-bit Desktops. So, i dont think the support wont be there unless yamhill is actually real which i dont even think so. Stay 32bit till IA64 is replacing the aging x86. Remember Intel is a company willing to spend 2 billion dollars for the IA64 design.

thats my 2 cents.

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  1. no, AMD should not give up the hammer core or they will be history. The Athlon core is outdated and not anymore scalable. Even if the 2800+ can somewhat keep up with the latest P4s, they won't be able to keep up during the next year. Even the Barton won't keep up with the upcoming P4s running at 3,6ghz and more. (and I'm still wondering about how well the Hammer CPU will perform against P4s or Prescotts, since the Hammer is still based as the Athlon XP on the K6 core!)

    AMD has only one chance to survive: Bringing out the Hammer Core (pun intended for moviefans) and making it a success. If they can't release it soon enough (reports say that it won't be available until Q3 2003) or if it won't sell as good as expected, it will be all over for AMD next year.

    It's unfortunate but AMD will have to stop hyping their products, give up those extrem paper releases and fool stock buyers. Instead they need to release again kick-ass CPUs at low prices available everywhere and in big enough quantities or they won't be competiting against Intel anytime longer...
  2. No.

    "thats my 2 cents."

    I quote the great philosopher Steven Wright...

    "Why is it that it is a penny for your thoughts but you have to put your two cents in? Somebody's making a penny."

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  3. Come to think of it. AMD has never done it's own core design. I don't remember where they bought the K6 core from but the K7 core came from DEC or Degital (I don't remember). So in a way AMD has never done their own processor from Ground up. They have always relied on someone else to build the core and then add feature on to the core. Even K8 (Hammer) isn't going to be that much radical design since most of the core will be borrowed from K7.

    To ansywer your question, I don't think AMD should drop Hammer. Only Hope for AMD to survive at this movement is that they need to release Hammer on Time and with Really good preformance. If they delay one more time they most of us will start to question if AMD is going to disappear or not.

    And I will make it 4 cents by adding my 2 cents with yours.


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  4. AMD should give up the Hammers only if they intend on going into a new rendition of their K5 and K6 days.

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  5. They already have.

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