Some of you wanted to see my Extreme Cooling Setup

Well just click <A HREF="" target="_new">HERE</A> to see it.

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  1. Hey Man, you haven't missed any small pets lately have you? Awesome Cooling, Simply Awesome, why don't you get in on my new post in the (Other Section), here at THGC about(Built Your Own Computer Check This Out). Ryan

    Details, Details, Its all in the Details, If you need help, Don't leave out the Details.
  2. Heh.....Ok I'll check out ur thread and post a link to my site =)

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  3. Quote:
    Some of you wanted to see my Extreme Cooling Setup

    sigh, the trials and tribulations of an ordinary AMD user.

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b> are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  4. Melty....I did not make my extreme cooling setup in retaliation so to speak because I have an AMD processor or becasue I'm an AMD user...I'f I had a P4 system i'd be sticking it in that very case....i build it to see HOW FAR i can push the CPU.....and in the was just all in good need for hostility........Tell me how many AMD users do u know that have done this..?? I bet i proudly present myself with the most outrageous yet Unique award here at THGC for my was just fun... =)

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  5. just wondering, what code is your XP1600?

    <b>(<font color=yellow>as good as it looks</font color=yellow>)</b>
  6. Code as in Batch/Stepping etc. ???

    Worst one for OC.....its one of the first week AGKGA's......not an impressive overclocking batch....i know i can get more out of it if i raise the to lazy to take the time to fill those L7's in on a XP chip....i dont have all the proper stuff.....

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  7. But doesn't it feel weird to say that your AXP1600+ is running at 1.6GHz? ;) Heh heh. I mean first instinct is to say "duh" because that's what you'd <i>think</i> an AXP1600+ is running at in the first place. But then you remember AMD's weird PR numbering and you go, "Oh yeah ... that's pretty cool."

    Okay, I know. I'm just being silly. It just made me laugh to read that for some reason.

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  8. LoL..........

    Yea i used to be like "WTF am I doing, its alreay a 1600" amd than i realize a second later that its only 1.4.....damn AMD!!! LoL im not serious...but yea its pretty kewl for a week 15 AXP 1600+......

    I just finished messing around with the top of my chip looks like a POS now cuz ive messed it up so cutting and digging and filling...and the thing still works liek brand new...ive taken a torch to it....ive dunked it in water...still works like a champ =)

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  9. I'll try to remember this thread around Christmas time, but do remind me if I forget about it. I must compare ur setup to what I will do with my twin turbine extra powerful cooktop hood fan. Mwahahaha. Let's say it's powerful enough to suck ur hand in if u dun pay attention to it....

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  10. You score a 2 on the extreme-o-meter.

    You would have scored a 1 if it was not for your high quality hole cutting skills.

    You are limited to what your mind can perceive.
  11. Um, and the scale is from 1 to what, 1 being cheapest or most extreme?

    What made you choose your THG Community username/nickname? <A HREF="" target="_new">Tell here!</A>
  12. How ya been Fugger? Haven't seen u in a long time. Everything ok? Hehe, we're studying the Fugger family during the Reformation....any relation?

    What if you had admin rights to life?
  13. Whats the beef FUGGER????

    Its pretty extreme i dunno what ur talking about =)

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  14. I wish I could find that pic of a wanna be ricer car with cardboard spoiler and ground effects, it had 1/2 gallon bean can on tail pipe and a 2 litre bottle painted blue with white NOS on the side. The guy went to a car show and someone posted a pic of his car.

    That is far from extreme cooling, more like a fire hazzard.

    You are limited to what your mind can perceive.
  15. Yep, you win the boobie prize for being the first person to figure that out.

    You are limited to what your mind can perceive.
  16. Actually I have that picture......Ricers suck anyways.....

    Hows it a fire hazard? They came directly out of a Humidifier and right onto my side panel........

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  17. Nice setup metal........
  18. Thank You i80386 =)

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  19. WOW- you noticed that fast ;-)
  20. Im always lurking around......
    BTW check ur PM from me.....
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