Need help with building a new pc

Ok I have been thinking of building a new pc for a while now and this is what I've come up with please give any suggestions where I can improve the system any comments are welcome so don't hold back ok here we go

P4 2.66GHz(533FSB) (Is this CPU overclockable?? or is the 2.8 better??? because I can wait a bit till the 3.06 is out and then the 2.8 will be in my range hopefully )
Swiftech MCX478(will this cooler be good enough I want to do some overclocking but not right away but when I do I want the most that I can get :0 and will artic silver 3 make a difference some people swear by it others don't??? )
PC1066 256Mb x2 Corsair
Gygabyte GA-8IHXP
Leadtek Winfast A250 ultra THD
Antec plus-1080AMG case(Is the 430W PSU supplied any good??)
Ilyama AS413UT 17"
Western Digital 120Gb (is it worth getting the 8Mb version)
Lite-on 48/12/48 writer
Pioneer DVD117T
Sound Blaster Audigy player
Labtec Arena 530
Logitech Keyboard and mouse

thanks in advance and feel free to add any suggestions, also as I live in france could you give some good places to get these from because newegg and others don't ship here which is not very nice of them :( oh well thanks again
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  1. I would say Yes, to all your Questions, and would suggest getting the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Soundcard, over the SB Audigy Soundcard. Ryan

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  2. I also agree on the audigy issue. Personally, these 6-channel c-media ac97 onboard audio that they are putting on a lot of new motherboards is fine with me (made my cheapy headphones sound like they had base?! Cool.) Keep in mind that nothing sounds as great as the audigy, MY audigy card fried twice, AND I speak to you as a long time audiophile who built my computer specifically for mediocre video and intense audio editing and encoding.

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  3. I've bought that 8mb cache western digital and if you are going to use it as a storage drive (i.e. I have 3 hard drives and the western digital doesn't have an OS on it), I would suggest something else unless you find a really good deal on it. I haven't tried it as my boot drive, but I believe you're supposed to really tell the difference when you do, so if you only plan on one drive, it's your daddy.

    I believe the p4 2.53 ghz is best for the money, but if you have it, be my guest. I'm not sure about their overclocking potential. (One reason being everyone wants to write a review about the athlon they just overclocked, but not a pentium) Good cooler. The best according to one site that reviewed it with some newer thermaltake models and the retail fans that come with pentiums and athlons. These are the only products I know a bit about. You'll have to find out from others for the rest.
  4. At the moment, the 2.4B is the best price/performance CPU in the high-end area.

    There is no MCX478 I don't think. I think you're thinking of te MCX4000.

    You should replace the Ti4600 with a R9700 Pro.

    The case/PSU is quite nice.

    BTW, where's "here?"

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  5. The only thing i can comment on is the western digital. WD has a really good rep for quality drives, the performance is always up with the best and they are supposedly very quiet. You should check them out further. The 8MB buffer is definitly worth it, the extra buffer consideralble improves performance as information can be drawn straight from the buffer memory, meaning anything that can be put into the buffer will run at memory speed, so everything but large files transfers (which cant fit into the buffer) will have great performance.
  6. I have a card that sounds much better than the Audigy, no thanks.

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  7. The 2.4B is almost as overclockable as the faster processors, but with it's 18x multiplier, you need to push the bus speed to 166MHz to get it to 3.0GHz, roughly it's limit. The clock generator of the Gigabyte board is capable of around 150MHz. So economics asside, the 2.66GHz CPU would get you to 3GHz with that board. It's otherwise an excellent board.

    In fact, it's great onboard sound (compared to other boards) is one of it's selling points. If you want a board with higher bus speeds that uses PC1066, consider the Aopen AX4T II-133. Other than its crappy onboard sound and lack of USB2.0 onboard, it has similar features. It has a max bus speed of 248MHz!

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  8. Thanks for the help guys is it really worth the extra for the ATI 9700pro because I heard there are man problem at the moment with this card bear in mind I will be getting the building the pc in a month or so. Any suggestion on site that deliver to FRANCE because it seems almost twice the price for things than in the US which sux for us europeans :( anymore help is appreciated still is the 2.8 going to drop in price alot when the 3.06 is out???

    oh and this is the link for the MCX478

    And again many thanks guys


    Almost forgot is the Santa cruz card the same as the videologic Sonicfury I think they had something to do with the sonicfury if so I already have this card and yeah it is a good card but is the Audigy better?????<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mowgly on 10/17/02 00:45 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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