Which of these 3 laptops for gaming?

msi g series gt780dx-406us
Price: 1550$
i core7 2670 qm 2.2ghz (6mb cache)
17.3” 1920 x 1080 anti glare + wide screen
12gb ddr3 ram
geforce gtx 570m 1.5 gb
750 gb 7200 rpm hd
2x usb 3.0

asus g74 3de
I core 7 2630qm 2.0 ghz (6mb cache, 2.9ghz with turbo boost)
17.3” 1920 x 1080 3d
12 gb ddr3 ram
gtx 560m 3gb ddr5
blu-ray (dont care a lot about this though)
3d vision kit
1.5tb hdd (2x 750 gb 7200 rpm)
usb 3.0

alienware m18x
I core 7 2630qm 2.0 ghz (turbo boost to 2.8ghz)
18.4” 1920 x 1080
8 gb ddr3 ram
dual gtx 460 1.5 gb gddr5
2x usb 3.0
12 cell battery

Which of these would be best for gaming? I would like to game on newer games, battlefield 3, mw3, etc... Each of these laptops have nearly similar cpus (expect the msi doesn't have turbo boost, but would the extra .5-.9 ghz make a big difference?) and each of these laptops has different gpu set-ups. (Which would be better for gaming, the gtx 570, gtx 560, or dual gtx 460s?) The screens are different too.. any input of which is most enjoyable for gaming? (the msi has a 17.3” anti glare, the g74 is 3d, and the alienware is 18.4”) My other question is how will the 8gb of ram on the alienware far on newer games?
I heard that gpus on laptops draw their ram from the total amount you have, and win 7 draws like 1.5 gb of ram.. Im really looking into the msi for the price, but how is in the laptop in general? Is the cooling good, is it built well? Havent found any reviews for it
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  1. The best GPU's out of the 3 in order:
    1.GTX 460M SLI - Its almost equal to a nvidia 580M or ati 6990M in performance but 1 generation behind.
    2.GTX 570M - Significantly better than 560M and slightly less than 580M.
    3.GTX 560M - slowest of all.

    Not all GPUs draw memory space from ram. The above three cards all have their own 1.5GB memory.

    8GB of ram is more than enough for any gaming system.

    CPU wise all of them had quad core i7, except the MSI which has intel's higher clocked latest refresh base line quad core model (2670QM is 2.2 Ghz whereas 2630QM is 2 Ghz). And all of them have the same turbo boost.

    All three laptops are best in their own right.
    The Alienware is a huge power hungry monster. But it has excellent build quality and style. The dual GPU set-up gives plenty of power but may not work well with all the games all the time due to micro-stuttering and driver issues.
    The Asus is a class apart. The best factory 3D set-up you can get out there. Its cooling is also very efficient and quite. The screen is really good. The graphics support the package well, but your graphics performance will be halved when using 3D mode. And you have to wear the glasses to see it in 3D.
    The MSI has a real good GPU for its price. The keyboard is from steelseries (known gaming keyboard brand). Its different compared to others, but certainly good. The cooling is adequate but it does get a bit noisy at full load. The screen has good viewing angles even at sun light.

    I own an MSI GT780DXR. I customized it at gentechpc. Pretty solid case. If you can spend more than $2k then there are lot of other options to consider. But below that price point, MSI is a fiesty contender.
  2. Im really thinking about getting that msi g series gt780dx-406us off newegg for 1550. I think for that price, it would be the best..

    Will the gtx 570m preform in high settings in most newer games?

    Ive also been looking at the veda p180hm:
    18.4"FHD LED Backlit Glossy Display
    Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM, 6MB L3 Cache, 2.2-3.1GHz
    (12GB) 12288MB, PC3-10660/1333MHz DDR3 - 3 SO-DIMM
    (8GB) 8192MB, PC3-12800/1600MHz DDR3 - 2 SO-DIMM
    (which ram would be better?)
    Radeon HD 6990M 2GB GDDR5
    IC Diamond 7 Thermal Compound

    for around 1850.. Would the extra 300 bucks be worth it for the bigger screen and hd 6990?
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