Buying an SSD for Acer Aspire 5750G - Sata2 or Sata3?

Hi - I've just bought this laptop and am fairly happy with the speed things get done on it with the i7 processor etc, but having got a Crucial C300 in my desktop I want the same sort of SSD speed benefit in my new laptop.

I'm planning on getting a caddy to move the current HDD into the optical drive bay area, then fit an SSD (128gb) as the boot drive.

What I'm not sure about though, is whether this laptop architecture in general (ie the motherboard and bus speeds etc I think?) would be able to take full advantage of a Sata3 drive, or if that would be a waste of money if it can only run at Sata2 speeds etc.

If anyone could clarify this or give me some help finding out somehow I'd be grateful. Would be quite a bit cheaper getting a Sata2 drive, but Sata3 is on the cards if the laptop can use the extra speed.

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  1. if it has an i7, it supposed to support sata3, I think you should get sata3 since down the road when that laptop gets old in 3-5 years, you can take out the ssd and put it in something newer. So, it's a good investment.
  2. Hmmm, I can see where you're coming from with that comment but not certain I agree necessarily.
    SSDs are really expensive at the moment so if I buy it now I'll really be paying a premium compared to say buying one in 3-4 years when I might replace this machine I just got.

    I'd guess at that time I'd be able to get way better deals so the future proofing thing isn't too convincing even though I get what you mean.

    the chip might well support it, but does that mean the mobo would as well? I might try using Everest or something to find what board it uses, then see if I can get tech spec on it and maybe find out that way.

    Don't want to pay out £50-100 more for sata3 if I can't take advantage of it, but if it will work then I could justify the difference probably.
  3. Well, couldn't see any useful info after running Everest, or Aido or whatever it is now, so I tried another similar thing (h32 something) and it confirmed its a sata III machine.

    So a crucial m4 128gb ssd has been obtained accordingly. Was going to get vertex 3 but I've read a few too many bad things about sandforce, plus apparently (more significantly for me) for photo editing they're not meant to be as good due to incompressible files or something.

    Can't wait anyway. Thanks for the info!
  4. hello!
    I have the same laptop
    Im interested if this worked or not?
    Was it hard to do?
    Thanks Lawrence
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