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Hi can anyone offer any help, my 8 year old daughter wants a laptop to play games on etc generally just mess around. Which do u think i am best off buying. thanks
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  1. Netbooks usually won't play games. Notebooks will play games but typically have no optical drive for CDs/DVDs. Laptops will play games but are usually in the 14"-17" size range and more expensive. HP, Newegg, or similar sites allow you to compare features side-by-side.
  2. Laptop = Notebook

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  3. We've had this discussion before... As far as PC builders and many consumers are concerned a Netbook, Notebook and Laptop are THREE different products. One could argue they are all based off of a laptop but they are different products typically intended for different uses. Size, weight, power, etc. tend to differentiate the three products.
  4. What's the difference between an ultra portable notebook and and ultra portable laptop?
  5. lol it's funny how people get used to this marketing crap, then try to justify their ignorance
  6. People, jaguar is right. notebook = laptop. The only difference is that older people (like me :)) tend to call the things "laptops".

    beenthere said:
    We've had this discussion before... As far as PC builders and many consumers are concerned a Netbook, Notebook and Laptop are THREE different products.

    Doesn't make them right. And I have been building computers for more than 30 years, back when "building" meant taking soldering iron in hand, not just assembling store bought parts.
  7. But they are right, because they are three distinctly different products! As previously mentioned this issue has been debated before and people are free to believe whatever makes them happy. None of the debate helps the OP.
  8. As I stated in my first post, please fill out the following template if you want suggestions for an appropriate laptop.
  9. For an 8 year old daughter I would reccomend a NETBOOK. Something with an ATOM processor or an AMD E-350.

    A netbook because they are cheap, and I know how hard kids can be on ANYTHING.

    Please note if you do get her a netbook - I find the hard drives / their small SSD's in them tend to die somewhat often when used by children/ and our people who move their computer around a lot.

    Edit: Check this out

    The Asus EEE PC usually does really well in the netbook department. Somewhat cheap and should allow your daughter to play some "light" games, as well as some internet games.

    Once you daughter matures a bit - you could probably go the laptop route and get a proper laptop/computer.
  10. Chainzsaw said:
    The Asus EEE PC usually does really well in the netbook department. Somewhat cheap and should allow your daughter to play some "light" games, as well as some internet games.

    The problem is "some games". A game like the Sims 3 will choke on such a netbook. I'm using Sims 3 as an example because it is a popular game that is "Rated E for Everyone". I'm sure it'll be fine for a simple game like Plants vs. Zombies though.
  11. netbook with amd fusion is all you want for you years old girl :) you will be able to play a decent amount of games... is not that you little girl wants to play crysis... but with a fusion chip you will be able to play a lot way more games than with an atom proccesor
  12. Notebook = Laptop

    I like Chainzsaw suggestion for a AMD Fusion E-350/E-450. 11" or 12" size
    It's about half way between lowly Netbook performance and mainstream Notebook performance. For the typical 2D games plus flash & web based games its fine.
    And it's home office/schoolwork/media/internet performance level should be enough for four or five years worth of work. And it's passable as a family spare as well.

    But I'm not too keen on adding a SSD, mostly due to the extra cost. Most laptop hard drives have the ability to 'park' when then sense a drop in progress.

    @ lynette_08
    Toss us a bone - at least mention your budget range. jaguarskx 's suggestion to fill out the 'usual questions' helps you focus on the right requirements and lets us find a good match.
  13. Notebook = Laptop = Netbook if they all have AMD Fusion E-350/E-450
  14. Here's the typical breakdown:

    Netbook - underpowered toy use to connect to the Internet for e-mail use. May also be able to run a word processor. Can NOT run typical games. Does NOT have an optical drive. Small and lightweight but pretty worthless device for most people.

    Notebook, aka Ultra portable - decent CPU/APU power. Can run games and most software. Typically 10"-13" screen size. Weight typically 3.5 Lbs. or less. No optical drive.

    Laptop- Typically 14"-17" screen size. Available with mild to maximum CPU power and discrete laptop graphics cards. Runs all normal software, video, etc. Often used as a substitute for a desktop. Typically weighs more than 3.5 lbs. HAS an optical drive.

    You can argue over the details but this is the basic product breakdown. Certainly some mfgs. blurr the lines with a 13.3" Notebook vs. a max of 13", etc.
  15. @ beenthere;
    See my prior post.
  16. beenthere said:
    Netbook - Can NOT run typical games
    Also true of the majority of Laptops = Notebooks.
  17. Yes I saw your post and that's why I corrected your technical mistake. ;)

    As I said several times, this has all been "debated before", but the facts don't change. Those who want to call a Netbook a laptop or a Notebook a Hoola-Hoop or whatever are free to do and believe whatever makes them happy. The basic product discriptions I gave are accurate and useful for those looking to find a suitable product for a specific application - such as the OP.

  18. Guys, no point trying to prove anything to him, he's too hard headed. (been there and tried that in another thread)

    He thinks that marketing department is the source of all truths on IT matters. and the fact that a term developed by some vendor some 10 years ago for marketing had stuck around obviously has to have new meaning...
    Even though his "facts" don't hold up as pointed out by numerous people.

    there's a saying, everything new is something well forgotten.
  19. As I have told you and others - making a discussion personal does NOT validate your beliefs. You are perfectly free to believe whatever makes you happy, even if not based in reality. There are no new meanings, just factual info. that you dislike because it differs with your beliefs. All you need to do is go look for the products as listed above and you will see the names Netbook, Notebook/Ultra portable and Laptop represent three individual categorys of portable PCs.

    I can agree to disagree respectfully without insults and inappropriate comments. Perhaps you should learn to?
  20. Can we please keep this on Topic?...

    We should wait for the OP to reply to the questions we have asked.
  21. beenthere said:
    As I said several times
    You might need to repeat it a few more times, in different locations.

    Dell for example, has two 13" Laptops, one with DVD and one without. Acording to you - one is named wrong.
    Uploaded with

    And we won't even get into the Alienware M11x Gaming Laptop that's really a notebook.

    As for your descriptions being accurate? That might be true if were... umm.. true.
    Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc., don't seem to offer 'notebooks' on their websites.
  22. AntiZig said:
    Guys, no point trying to prove anything to him, he's too hard headed. (been there and tried that in another thread)
    Think I'm glad I missed that one.
    I just never saw the point of suggesting someone go find a thing that doesn't seem to be 'out there'.
  23. Continuing the inappropriate comments won't change reality guys...
  24. beenthere said:
    Continuing the inappropriate comments won't change reality guys...
    I agree with that 100% ;)
  25. laptop = notebook

    i was always under the impression that studies were done that determined putting hot laptop on your lap wasn't healthy (ie. killed sperm), so the term notebook was adopted instead to take away the insinuation that they were meant to be used on top of your nutsack.

    even the line between netbook and notebook/laptop is kinda blurry. is it the lack of odd the defines the netbook? or the low power cpu? or the <11" screen size?
  26. If you check online for what's at your local BestBuy up there in Calgary you'll find plenty of 'Netbooks and Laptops - but no Notebooks. If you search for 'notebook' you'll get re-directed to the laptops.

    But just to make things interesting if you look at online listings you can sometimes find stuff like this:
    Uploaded with
  27. I think we scared lynette_08 away.
  28. If we had been lucky it would have scared us away as well.
  29. Guys, the reason the word "Notebook" came around was because the word laptop implies that it's meant to be used on your lap. This created issues legally, as people with overheating laptops would complain of their laptop's overheating when used on their laps, so the word was changed to notebook. As of recently Notebook manufacturers are not allowed to use the term laptop anymore for this reason.
  30. that sounds like a much more reasonable explanation that the one beenthere was insisting on
  31. If anyone starts busting out the lawyer jokes I'm leaving.
  32. Well if Lynette ever comes back......

    Get the Asus EEE PC 1XXX one. Should be under 400/350, maybe even less if you can find it on sale.

    It's a good starter computer for a child :)
  33. I was sorry to see the ruggedized Samsung NB30s leave the market.
    Anyone know if they're been replaced by something?
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