mobo...which one?

Abit BD7II,Sockel 478,i845E,ATX
Abit BD7II-RAID,Sockel 478,i845E,ATX
Asus P4S533-E/LAN/PA, Sockel 478
DFI NB72-SR, Sockel 478, ATX
EPOX EP-4SDA+, Sockel 478, ATX
Gigabyte GA-8IE533, Sockel 478
MSI 645E MAX2-LRU, SOU/LAN/Raid 6567E
MSI 845E MAX2-L,SOU/LAN,S478 (6398E)
Soyo SY-P4IS2, Sockel 478, i845

i am going to use it with a p4 1800 (and try to o/c it :) )...
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  1. Better add a couple more to your list:
    Gigabyte GA-8PE667
    Gagabyte GA-8SG667

    The first is the best Intel chipset DDR board right now, the second is the best performing DDR board right now (it uses the SiS 648)

    The 8PE667 has a great combination of features, and its i845PE chipset offers more memeory ratios than the i845E. It also supports hyper threading.

    The 8SG667 is the only board tested stable with 3 DDR400 DIMMs. It's also the only board factory approved for 2 DDR400 DIMMs. And though it doesn't matter yet, it also supports AGP8x.

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  2. i just got the gigabyte GA-8PE667 Ultra today, many nice features on it, both boards that crashman lists are excellent mobo. the p4a 512k 2.0ghz would work good could hit 533fsb and 2.67ghz

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  3. Unless ya need onboard RAID, the Albatron PX845PEV Pro is still the best P4 board in my opinion. Mainly because of price ($95 at, quality LAN and audio, and overclocking features. Good Reviews too!!!

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