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No doubt all of you have read the 'The First Hammer Board Hits the THG Lab' article on the front page of THG.

I would just like to put my 'money where my mouth is' and say that I have full faith in AMD producing a Clawhammer system, on my desk, in 6 months time. Does this sound unreasonable? Over-zealous maybe? Or am I just under-writing AMD for the sake of wider acceptance? I don't know, and no-one will until the the gleeming hammer system is living in the Coolermaster ACTS 210 beside me today.

I feel that AMD and Intel are out of sync for want of a better phrase. How does this affect either company? AMD, after all this time, is still not widely accepted by the world and his dog. As far as they (read: the public) are concerned, Intel is the only processor on Gods' green earth, or should I say, digital world, or would I be reffering to Apple? (Only people with good memories will get that one ;) So when AMD don't have a top of the line processor about, and is posting losses, (like everyone else) and delays a product (like everyone else), it is seen as AMD is somehow reverting back to the AMD of old, a time I'm sure they'd rather forget.

Back when the Athlon 'T-Bird' was king, Intel was being knocked down for letting a small, budget processor, come out of no-where and over-taking them in price/performance, with shrinking market share, and all the board posters saying Intel should be worried, as well as the usual slouch 'tech sites' (Not this one, or Anandtech).

Myself, my friends, and most of the people who had some form of IT knowledge knew it wasn't going to last for AMD, as the Athlon is streched to its true limits by AMD.

And now the preverbial bubble has popped, and once again AMD is being overshadowed by Intel in terms of performance and $$$, everyone is once AGAIN writing AMD down as a half-arsed no-good processor company.

What these people fail to realise is that history repeats itself, and I gurantee that, if and when the hammer is released, the exact same phrases will be thrown around the net, just like round one, until we get into next gen again.

I end my mostly random gibberings with a few questions.

Just who will be where in 12 months time?

Is it a valid arguement that AMD aren't top of the performance pile thereby 'downgrading' their status? After all, a [-peep-] monkey with a calculator could run office, is a 3.08Ghz P4 neccessary?

Does either company really give [-peep-] about the 'enthusiast' market? Honestly? (Think about it people.)

Does Thomas Pabst really have some kind of super-computer built into his left eye? Does he?

Let the rambling from other people...BEGIN!

Slowdown? What slowdown? Didn't you know this was a slideshow?
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  1. Well, first of all, the miraculous K7 was mostly due to AMD's acquisition of Next Gen. So unless they pull acquire yet another company with a great design, they're pretty much all K8. And, from the spec scores they released, will not be all that impressive in over 6 months time. It's impressive now, may even be impressive early next year. But 2H 2003? It's uncertain just how well they can capture back the enthusiaste market, if they can at all. After all, a great deal of AMD's sales are to the enthusiaste market.
    I think they see this and that's why they are focusing on their entry into the server market. A good idea IMO. It's less demanding on them as far as volume (something they're having a hard time with right now) and also more performance-per-watt concerned in a lot of cases, something Hammer should excel in. A gain of 20% market share in the desktop market is good, but if they gain 20% in even the webserver market it would mean a lot of money. Who knows, maybe after that they'll turn their attention back to the desktop market.

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  2. Hammer will be interesting to watch... remember, at one time many people were skeptical about the gaming performance of the upcoming "K7" chip, so I wouldn't give up hope. I'm just hoping that someone, be it AMD or otherwise, can provide some serious competition to Intel...
  3. I don't know that AMD is going to be back on top in six months. But I think that given time, they will come back to the consumer market and come back strong. As was said above, their focus on the server market is a great idea, if they can make a lot of money there, they will have more money avaliable for development of consumer CPU's.

    Considering the whole economy is down now it is unfair to say that AMD is going under. The smaller companies just feel the pain more in slow economys.

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  4. My sentiments exactly, the break they'll take from Desktop insures they don't worry about losing profits since it's not their main aspect to focus.

    Also, about your performance per watt, Hammer will use 80-85 W!

    I think we'll need to forget AMD for a while, and probably concentrate on buying Intels (or VIAs, lol) from now on till a while.
    However, the good thing is that they will come off as new, with no aggressive stance so competition despite having lots of companies other than Intel, will probably not try to advance them. The server market is slower at competition anyway. I think perhaps after all this, AMD is off on a "spiritual journey"-like time, and perhaps we should be optimistic, in that they will get a rough start in the server market, but they will be steady with little losses, since no one like Intel will try to crash them grade after grade. MAYBE then as you and I think, they will gain a lot, and be back to the desktop and punch Intel like the K7...heh!

    PS: For the record, any new benches for CH, won't really impress me, nor will I be disappointed if they are weak, since I now know AMD's new shift. Now Intel can't really feel the need to push stuff, so hopefully they won't try to raise prices.
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  5. I'm honestly hoping for a real fast hammer system by beggining of 2004, which is when I'm gonna do an $8000+ comp upgrade. I need something that's got insane processing power, and unless Intel comes out with something that has a disgusting FPU, AMD is better in that aspect. If they target server market, think it'll be more than $500 a processor?

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  6. Obviously, in fact I'd go for 1000$ Opteron Sledge anytime as a price.
    Still if it manages to compete Itanium 2 server apps (though it'd be unfair to compare two different ISAs) or has the edge over Xeons and other server CPUs, it's still one of the lowest costing, right?
    I suppose if so, AMD definitly has a bright spot in that respect and could potentially recover, I hope.

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  7. what are you gonna do with a 8000 dollar computer when you have an aston martin? i have tried to build the most expensive computer i could, i only got to about 12000. it had a 64 bit raid controler, 64 git giga card, LOTS of hard drive space, and a lot of ram.

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